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Injecting Passion Into Your Content

Small business owners almost always ooze passion. Just ask them about their company, or industry, and many can talk about the subject for hours.

How come that passion is lost, when it comes to writing about their company? Writing can be difficult for anyone, and not all business owners are cut out for the task.


Writing Doesn’t Have To Be Formal

That’s something hard for most people to understand. Because of the preserved nature of the written word, small business owners put a pressure on themselves to sound smart. If you don’t dress formally in your office, there’s no reason to stuff your writing into a suit and tie.

Good writing can be informal and professional at the same time.


Write How You Talk

This is still some of the best writing advice I ever received. A conversational tone in your marketing materials makes them easier to read.

How do you know when you’ve hit this mark? Read your writing out loud. It’s a great way to check it, and make sure that it’s mistake free at the same time.


Tell Stories

In order for people to want to do business with you, they need to feel like they know you and like you. One good way to accomplish this is through storytelling. You can tell a personal anecdote that relates to the point that you are trying to make.

A personal example: 

As a child I asked a lot of questions. On a long car trip, a friend’s father threatened to charge me a nickel for every question that I asked. That inquisitive nature never went away. Maybe a nickel wasn’t quite enough (though he never did charge me).

I have since taken that inquisitive nature, and matched it with a writing skill set that allows me to find out what I need to know about your business, and relate it in a way that your audience will understand.


Word Choice Matters

How do you become interesting and likable? How do you convert readers into customers, and make your online marketing work for you? Flat writing is boring writing. It’s time to carry your readers from point A to point B. You have to use interesting words. Instead of “got” try “obtained.” Instead of “had” try “acquired.”

For instance, my first header could easily read “Putting Passion Into Your Content,” but that doesn’t sound as exciting. Injecting is a far more interesting verb.

You can use a thesaurus to spice up your writing, but don’t overdo it. Your writing still needs to sound authentic.


Hire a Freelance Writer

If your natural passion for your business is not translating into your marketing copy, it’s OK to seek the help of a professional. A good freelance writer can help you inject that passion into your marketing and sales copy, and figure out the best way to tell your story.


Matt Brennan is a Chicago-area marketing writer and copy editor. He is also the author of Write Right-Sell Now.