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website copywriterA Professional Website Copywriter

Convince Your Readers to Take Action

A professional website copywriter distinguishes your business from the competition.

Your website is your most important marketing platform. It’s your company’s home base, where you can publish all relevant information, and you are not confined by the “rules” of the platform. It’s a place where customers can research your company and find the answers to important questions.

My name is Matt Brennan, and I am a professional website copywriter. I help businesses convey their message on this important platform in a way that will resonate with their customers, and persuade them to take action. I have a unique blend of storytelling experience and the ability to write for higher search engine visibility.

A professional website copywriter such as myself can showcase your brand for your customers to see. I can help you to become a valuable resource for your audience, positioning you as a trusted expert within your industry. This is crucial as the online competition for your industry can likely be strong.

Your audience needs a reason to do business with you. They’ll formulate first impressions of your company in a matter of a few split seconds. This is why it’s critical that your message is immediately clear. It’s critical that your website has a persuasive message with an emotional impact, especially when you are looking to stand out within a competitive field.

Hiring a website copywriter will allow you to grow your business and develop a stronger relationship with customers. 

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Make Your Web Copy Shine 

A professional website copywriter can help you to take full advantage of the benefits that this platform has to offer. He can incorporate the strategies below to help you attract new customers and strengthen existing relationships.

Headlines that attract attention, and pull people into the sales copy.

A friendly, conversational tone that presents your brand in a likeable fashion.

A direct, focused approach that quickly addresses your customers’ needs.

A visual appeal that includes short paragraphs, subheads, lists, and multiple images.

An SEO friendly approach that the search engines will love.

A persuasive call to action that compels people to take action.

website copywriterWorking with a Website Copywriter

As an experienced website copywriter, I have an established process designed to differentiate your business and uphold your business as an industry leader. Over the years, I have developed methods and perfected strategies that allow for you to see digital marketing success.

The Process for Copywriting Online

As a former journalist, I developed a research strategy designed to tease out the details of your business story, so that I can convey them in a way that will resonate with your audience. The goal isn’t just to create something memorable, it’s to create something that provokes action. I often use a questionnaire to uncover what matters most to your business.

The questionnaire helps me find the details of what you do, and how you do it. This becomes important as we look to position your online marketing for success. I am also looking for insight on other industry marketing materials that you like or don’t like, in order to best establish direction. The questionnaire is often paired with a phone call, Zoom, or Skype conversation to round out any gaps in information. I can also ask the questions in an interview-style, or over email, depending on client preference. I conduct thorough online industry research, and look for any other relevant marketing materials as well, in order to form a solid foundation to write from.

Successful website content consists of: 

  • A headline that grabs attention and convinces readers to act.
  • A focused message that keeps people reading, and persuades them to take action.
  • A convincing call to action.

As a professional website copywriter, I am able to help you draft the right message to differentiate your business from the competition. I can convey your company’s likeability and trust – and show how you will solve their problem. When you can quickly answer customer questions, and display your industry knowledge, you’re more likely to convert your online customers.

Other Online Copywriting I offer Includes: 


Your Website Copy and the Search Engines

How do you want your customers to find you? What search terms do you want your website to show up for? These are truly important questions for any business to consider.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a key component to successful website copy. About three-quarters of all website traffic is generated through a search engine, and the majority of that comes from Google. Make sure that you work with a website copywriter who understands how to write SEO optimized web content. This can have a profound impact on the number of leads generated by your website.

Below are some of the additional benefits that SEO optimized website content may bring for your business.

SEO Website Content: 

  • Widens your business’s audience by attracting new readers.
  • Balances your audience’s content preferences with SEO ranking factors.
  • Becomes the primary source for generating new leads or revenue, especially as more shoppers head to the internet for sales.
  • Increases brand credibility through established third-party trust.
  • Enhances brand visibility.
  • Utilizes subheads, lists, and manageable content for a more visual appeal.

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Professional website copywriter Matt BrennanHire Professional Website Copywriter Matt Brennan

Your business website is crucial for sales. Well-written pages that describe your products and services, as well as an about page that tells your origin story, provide a reason for your customers to choose you. My name is Matt Brennan and I am a professional website copywriter ready to help.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your next project, contact me today!

Recently had the pleasure of working on a project with Matt. Both me and my client were impressed with quality of his work and am looking forward to working on future projects with him.
Todd Krause

Owner, Todd Job Consulting

Matt is an excellent copywriter for my company. My business is very technical, and he was able to understand the technical requirements and communicate the value in a way customers can understand. Working with Matt to rewrite my website, we now are the featured content snippet for 11 keywords and growing where previously we had none. I would highly recommend Matt and plan to work with him for the foreseeable future.
Paul Blanton

President Vibration Engineering Consultants & Quantridge, LLC, Vibration Engineering Consultants & Quantridge, LLC

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