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professional travel copywriterProfessional Travel Copywriter

Showcase the Region and Your Business, Attract New Customers, and Strengthen Existing Relationships

If you own or work for a travel business, you understand that it’s not just the business itself that you are selling, but the surrounding area – and that’s where a professional travel copywriter comes into play.

Your branding and your messaging is part of a larger experience. You’re showing your customers what it’s like to do business with you. You’re showing them what it’s like to experience travel in your area, and ultimately, why they should choose you.

A professional travel copywriter can help you to create an alluring and inviting brand message that draws people in. He can help you attract new customers and strengthen relationships with existing customers. He can showcase your surrounding area in a way that makes your message part of the brand experience.

It’s time that your messaging strengthens your business.

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Travel Industry Businesses that Can Benefit from a Professional Copywriter Include

  • Resorts
  • Hotels
  • Attractions
  • Theme parks
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Airline industry
  • Car rentals
  • Food and beverage
  • Entertainment
  • Tourism
  • Events and conferences


Create Meaningful Marketing in Your Industry

Whatever sector of the industry you fall in, a professional travel copywriter can help you to create marketing that resonates with your customer. Someone who finds your business online likely has the choice between dozens if not hundreds of local competitors within your industry. Your marketing message is an opportunity to create a powerful first impression.

A content strategy that includes online and offline marketing can help create additional touchpoints and set your business apart from the competition. They may still be deciding where to go on vacation. You are giving them a reason to choose your region, and by default choose you, as well.

A Professional Travel Copywriter Can Help 

It used to be that a travel agent would be required to make decisions on car rental, airfare, or accommodations. It used to be that the customer needed this third-party help to find the best deals. The internet has eliminated this need.

The customer is able to do their own research and seek out the best way to make vacation and travel-related decisions. It’s more important than ever that your marketing materials help to educate the customer and give them valuable information. As a professional travel copywriter, I can help you accomplish that. Below are some of the types of marketing copywriting that I specialize in:

Be the Resource that Travelers Need

It’s more important than ever to publish the type of information that your customers are looking for. This means the development of a content strategy that hits your customers at multiple points during the sales process. It means showing up with consistent, valuable information that turns your marketing into an asset.

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Professional travel copywriter Matt BrennanHire Professional Travel Copywriter Matt Brennan

The travel industry is often competitive. Companies need to give people a reason to choose them. My name is Matt Brennan, and I am a professional travel copywriter. I help travel companies communicate a persuasive message with their customers.

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