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A professional marketing agency copywriter may just be the missing ingredient for client success. Your clients depend on you to help them stand out. That makes the marketing message, and the story crucial.

When your clients need a website redesign, new brochure, or rebranding, it is the perfect time for professionally written copy. I am an experienced freelance marketing agency copywriter, and I’ve worked with dozens of agencies over several years.

I’ve written in a variety of industries including technology, health care, and marketing. I’ve also written for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and solo entrepreneurs.

Give your client’s story the attention it deserves.

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Find the Right Freelance Copywriter For Your Agency

You deserve to work with a marketing agency copywriter who will pay as close of attention to your clients’ needs as you do. It’s important to find someone experienced in writing the various range of copy your clients may need.

Hiring a marketing agency copywriter comes with several advantages. For instance, they:

  • Serve as a professional story-teller to make your clients’ message as appealing as possible.
  • Provide a path for your client to create a more meaningful relationship with their customers.
  • Allow you to focus on other tasks, more central to your role at the agency.
  • Stop when there’s no more work. There’s no need to keep trying to create work for them to keep them at full time or part time hours.
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What a Marketing Agency Copywriter Does For You

You take great care to make sure that your clients’ marketing materials are beautifully designed and attracting attention. And then what? Make sure their audience isn’t dropping off because of too many errors, or stopping points in the writing. A professional marketing agency copywriter will make sure the message matches the same professionalism as the design.

He can make sure there are emotional appeals, strategically placed benefits in the copy, and a story that will entice readers to convert. A freelance marketing agency copywriter can help you ensure that your clients’ message not only reads well, but persuades people to take action.

Some various projects I take on include:

marketing agency copywriter Matt BrennanHire Marketing Agency Copywriter Matt Brennan

Advertising and marketing agencies need a professional copywriter to work with, in order to make sure that their clients’ messages sound professional. My name is Matt Brennan and I am a professional marketing agency copywriter. I can help your clients to create a winning message that represents their brand.

Do you have questions, or would you like to discuss your next copywriting project? Contact me today!

Matt is an exceptional writer. Our company collaborates with Matt on multiple projects. The work he delivers continues to help our clients grow engagement and traffic through social and organic channels.
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