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Always, a Passion for Stories

Hi, my name is Matt Brennan, and I have worked as a marketing copywriter since 2009. Before that, I worked as a journalist for some local Chicago-area newspapers. I built a career out of telling stories. That’s important because stories help your audience identify with your brand, and they help you to build trust with your customers.

All of this helps you to sell more, and to improve the bottom line. These stories emerge in marketing copy of all types.

Some of the common copywriting services I provide include:

If you’re looking for someone to help you tell your business’s story, I’d love to help.

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Who I’ve Written For

My clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as small to medium-size businesses. I’ve written in several industries:

Health care

Health and wellness




 Construction, roofing, landscaping, and other trades

 Real estate

Many others

As a freelance marketing copywriter, I have the flexibility to quickly get up to speed within any industry, and turn around quality copy.


My Background 

I have worked as a professional writer since 2002. As a journalist, I loved diving headfirst into human interest stories. I wrote about people in the crosshairs of health care, immigration, and other key issues. I told the stories of people struggling with disease. I wrote about large-city elementary schools where more than 17 languages were spoken by the student body. My journalism gave me an excuse to satisfy my curiosity about being human.

As a journalist, I learned to tell a story in a way that resonates with the reader. This meanst using a conversational tone and less industry jargon. It’s where I learned to meet deadlines. It’s also where I tested my curiosity and ideas.

I wrote for Chicago-area weeklies and dailies, as well as national magazines. Over the years I won several awards for my feature writing. I’ve published stories in Huffington Post, the Good Men Project, Boys’ Life, the Chicago Sun-Times, and various local newspapers and magazines.

As the newspaper industry suffered, I began to look for other ways to practice my skills. I began writing blogs, website content, press releases, and other digital marketing-related content for businesses.

I earned a web design certificate and began to learn everything I could about marketing. Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses improve their messages, and strengthen their marketing platforms. In addition to my client work, I strive to contribute to the conversation within the business and marketing communities. Below is a list of marketing websites I have been published on:


Marketing Copywriter and Published Author

I understand that not every business has the budget to hire a freelance marketing copywriter. Depending on the scope of your project, it can be a significant investment for your co. I wanted to create an affordable way to help those businesses.

I wrote Write Right-Sell Now as a way to show business owners how to establish a stronger connection with their audience, strengthen their businesses, and make more money. If you’re looking to get more out of your website content, blogs, and other digital marketing content, this book is for you.

I really wanted to get the word out about my book, so I hired the two actors pictured below to help me. I’m kidding – that’s my son and my dog.

Write Right - Sell Now

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Away From Work

Occasionally I like to get away out from the computer and spend time with these two. This is Jamie and our four-legged friend, Captain. (Unless we’re playing pirates. Then this shepherd-hound mix is named Captain Captain. I’m not kidding.)

For better or worse, I’m a Chicago sports fan. My nose is always in a book, and I’m always listening to blues, jazz, and classic rock. I’ve also developed a huge passion for health and wellness. 

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