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The Importance of a Sales Letter

A professional sales letter copywriter can have a drastic impact on your business, whether you are looking for a brief introductory letter, or an in-depth, traditional letter.

A well-written sales letter mailed out to a targeted list can put your message in front of those who will benefit the most. As a professional sales letter copywriter, I have helped several businesses expand their audiences and build additional revenue through a friendly and persuasive message.

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A Great Sales Letter

  • Disarms the reader and builds trust.
  • Persuades the reader on the benefits of your business or product.
  • Positions you as a friendly advocate for the readers’ best interests.
  • Holds the solution to whatever the readers’ problem might be.

Are you ready to take advantage of a proven marketing method?

Businesses have used sales letters for hundreds of years for one simple reason: they work. In fact, many of the methods that proved successful with website and landing page copy began with sales letters.

Grow your customer base today.

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The Anatomy of a Successful Sales Letter

The formula a sales letter copywriter uses to grab readers attention, and help you sell more is not complicated. They are used to expose someone to your business or product, and convince them that you are the one who can solve their problems, and immediately make them feel better.

The truth is, you don’t have to be a great writer to pull this off, you just have to be genuine. It also takes an effort to find the right voice, establish credibility with your reader, and learn how to persuade them towards action. A captivating headline and hook are critical. A valuable offer, and compelling call to action can seal the deal.

The bottom line is that your letter needs to portray you and your business in a genuine way. If people feel like they’re reading a sales pitch, your letter will be quickly thrown away. Instead, you can tell them what life using your product or service will be like – it’s that experience you are selling.

A sales letter should feel like it was written by an old friend, with your best interest at heart.

Are you ready to reach out to your potential audience? As a sales letter copywriter, I can help you capture your audience’s interest and convince them to interact.

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When Can a Sales Letter Copywriter Help?

  • If you are a new business looking to strengthen your market share.
  • If you are launching a new product or service, and looking to quickly add to your customer base.
  • If sales have been stagnant, and you could use a new marketing approach to help jump start your business.
  • If you currently have a letter that has not been effectively helping you to grow your business.
  • If you are looking for additional ways to establish your credibility within your industry.

Do any of the above situations accurately describe your current position? You could write your own letter, or you could hire a professional sales letter copywriter.

Professional sales letter copywriter Matt BrennanHire Professional Sales Letter Copywriter Matt Brennan

A well-written sales letter can turn your idea into cash. It’s an excellent way to promote your products and services to your customer. My name is Matt Brennan, and I am a professional sales letter copywriter. I can help your business gain visibility through the mailbox.

If you have questions or would like to talk about your next sales letter copywriting project, contact me today!

Matt is an awesome copywriter with a plethora of skills. He can do sales letters, blogs, and copy for websites as well. Not to mention, he’s easy to work with, and a gentleman.

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