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Someone Who Can Speak Your Customers’ Language

You need a technology copywriter who understands, and can translate complexity for your audience. There are nuances to your business and industry that are difficult to understand. While you may know the technology sector better than anyone else around, that jargon may be turning your potential customers away, instead of proving how knowledgeable you really are.

As a professional technology copywriter, I can translate those complexities into a marketing message that will resonate with your audience. I know how to turn product specs and features into the benefits your audience is really clamoring to hear about. I can give technical subject matter an emotional hook that your audience will love.

It is possible for technology professionals to become too wrapped up in their passion to be able to communicate their message in a way that will make potential customers understand.

It’s time to create the type of content your audience will love.

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Technology Sectors I’ve Written Copy For Include:

  • Artificial intelligence – AI continues to play a critical role in solving problems of the future. A professional AI copywriter can help you to convey your company’s message in a format that your audience will understand. I’ve written for AI startups in healthcare and other industries. 
  • Information technology – The IT industry is always evolving as hackers and cyber threats change. A professional IT copywriter can help you to convey exactly how you’re working to keep customers safe. I’ve written for several information technology companies. 
  • Software (SaaS) – SaaS companies continue to create new ways for audiences to interact with businesses online. A professional SaaS copywriter can help you to to showcase the ways that your software or application benefits users. I’ve written for several SaaS companies. 
  • Marketing – Marketing and advertising agencies find new ways for businesses to attract new customers online. A professional marketing agency copywriter can help you create a strong, trustworthy message. I’ve written for several marketing agencies. 
  • Telecommunications – Networks continue to provide faster service for mobile and desktop users. A professional telecommunications copywriter can help you convey the benefits that connectivity brings. I’ve written for several telecommunications companies. 
  • Robotics – Robots become more advanced and perform new tasks every day. A professional robotics copywriter can help you to convey your company’s advancements in a way that will resonate with your audience. I’ve written for several robotics companies. 

As a professional technology copywriter, I’ve written for Fortune 500 companies in the technology sector, as well as solo entrepreneur startups. If you are ready to take your technology company to the next level, contact me today.

Some Types of Technology Copywriting that I Specialize In:

When looking for a technology copywriter, it’s important to consider experience. Below are some of my copywriting specialties:

I can help you create the right message for your audience across a variety of platforms. Are you ready to be heard?

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How a Technology Copywriter Helps You

As you market your technology business, it’s important to keep in mind that your customer has many choices. The field is likely quite competitive. It takes high quality, professional marketing materials to stand apart from the competition.

This requires hard work and determination. A professional technology copywriter can help you find what makes your business and your product different, and highlight that in a way that resonates with you customers.

You need someone who understands your technical language, as well as the language of your audience.

Professional technology copywriter Matt BrennanHire Professional Technology Copywriter Matt Brennan

Technology companies require a writer who can understand the complexity of the industry, and write about it in a way that will resonate with customers. My name is Matt Brennan, and I am an experienced technology copywriter. I have worked with companies in AI, robotics, SaaS, medical devices, and other technology-related industries.

Do you have questions, or would you like to discuss your next technology copywriting project? Contact me today!

Matthew has helped me with content creation for a technology client and has been a pleasure to work with. He’s grasped direction and technical/background information quickly, and delivered great content on deadlines, requiring minimal to no oversight. He’s thoroughly professional and I’d recommend him without reservation.

Andrea Emerson

Owner, http://andreaemerson.com/

Matt has been a pleasure to work with! He is incredibly responsive and always proactive when any questions or concerns arrive. His ability to consistently hit deadlines, while delivering quality content about difficult technical topics is a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend Matt for anyone looking for a dependable freelance writer.

Cara Hebert

Marketing Manager , Praxent

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