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A website and blog copy editor can greatly help your marketing materials…

Your website’s job is to pull perspective customers or clients into your orbit. It should be familiarizing your audience to your business and helping them to know, like and trust you. At this point, they should feel comfortable and disarmed, and it should provide an easy path for them to take action.

Is your website helping your business sell more? Are you gaining the additional visibility that your business needs? As a website and blog copy editor, I help businesses create a message that resonates with their audience. I serve as a second, impartial set of eyes to review materials before they are published.

Your website and blog serve as the flagship for your business online. Are they an accurate representation of your brand voice? Are they written conversationally, yet professionally? It’s time to make the most of a powerful marketing asset.

A website and blog copywriter can help you create a powerful message.

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Hiring a Professional Website and Blog Copy Editor:

  • Gives you confidence that your website, blogs and other marketing materials will be professional quality with no spelling or grammar errors to distract the reader.
  • Tightens the message, keeping it on a singular focus.
  • Can help you develop, maintain or enhance your company’s voice.
  • Allows you to put a strong marketing spin on your materials.
  • Strengthens the quality of the marketing materials you publish.

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Types of Copy Editing

Not all copy editing is the same. There are different levels, depending on what you are looking for:

Proofreading – This is a way to evaluate content for spelling and grammatical errors. Proofreading is simply making sure that the copy falls within the rules of the English language. It’s evaluating word use, capitalization, and the repetition of words. This is typically a final step before publication.

Copy Editing – This involves a more thorough examination of your content, and considers flow, sentence structure, and the cohesiveness of your writing. Copy editing takes a look at the meaning, and takes your audience into consideration. It helps you to evaluate clarity and make sure that your piece is in the best possible condition to succeed.

Marketing Copy – I can edit or rewrite copy to give it a stronger marketing impact. This service is tailored to the needs of the client and can involve consultations and the implementation of trusted resources.

Prepare for Better Copy

Your website represents your little corner of the internet. You have the most freedoms to produce content that resonates, with the least amount of rules and restrictions. A website and blog copy editor can help you take advantage of this platform and make the most out of your conversions.

Professional blog and website copy editor Matt BrennanMeet Professional Website and Blog Copy Editor Matt Brennan

Your marketing online materials help your customers form a lasting first impression of your brand. That first impression needs to be as strong as possible. My name is Matt Brennan, and I am a professional website and blog copy editor. I help businesses strengthen their online message and attract new customers.

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Matt has developed messaging and provided a variety of copywriting and editing projects for PlumThree. For the past several years running, we’ve contracted with Matt to provide large-scale editing for one of our Fortune 1000 clients. In addition to consistently delivering high quality work, he works effectively within our often tight deadlines. He’s the “write” person for the job!

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Partner, PlumThree Marketing and Graphic Design

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