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healthcare copywriterA healthcare copywriter can help you navigate the evolving ways that consumers are shopping within your industry. More and more patients are conducting online Google research before selecting a provider. They’re conducting Google research, evaluating websites, and reading blogs in order to make a more informed decision about their health.

If your website leaves something to be desired, or isn’t showing up at all in the search engines, you may simply be lost in a crowded field. If you’re not taking advantage of the increasing ways that your practice can improve it’s visibility, you’re potentially leaving money on the table. Your practice’s marketing message can help you to fill your schedule. My name is Matt Brennan, and I am an experienced healthcare copywriter. You can find out more about my background on my about page.



I work with various types of medical practices including:

  • Doctors
  • Hospitals
  • Dentists
  • Psychologists/Psychiatrists
  • Chiropractors
  • Acupuncturists
  • Naturopaths
  • Medical supply companies
  • Healthcare software and IT
  • Pharmaceuticals or biotech
  • Other types of medical-related services


Learn how to distinguish your practice from the competition.

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Create Meaningful Marketing

Whatever your practice’s specialty, there is likely no shortage of competition. A prospective patient is likely faced with dozens, if not hundreds of results as they conduct online research. A powerful marketing strategy can help to distinguish your business in this type of competitive environment. It’s up to you to give people a clear idea of what it’s like to experience your business.

A clear content plan that includes online and offline marketing opportunities will set your practice apart from the competition. It allows your prospective patients a glimpse into your business. In a crowded marketplace, this is essential and an experienced healthcare copywriter can help. 

How a Healthcare Copywriter Can Help

 healthcare copywriter


Today’s consumer is more educated than ever before. When they make any type of major purchase, medical care included, they have the information they need right at their fingertips. Your company website is an excellent place to brand your business and develop a message that is both informative and inviting, courting potential patients. As a professional healthcare copywriter, I can help you create a message that helps to distinguish your business from other local practices. Below are some of the types of copy that I specialize in:



Give Patients the Information they Need

Healthcare consumers have more information at their fingertips than ever before. They’re no longer committed to the first practice that they come across. Websites, articles, and blogs can help them to make more informed decisions. Landing pages and sales letters offer practices strategic methods for expanding their customer base. Are you ready to publish the type of marketing content that prospective patients are looking for? A healthcare copywriter can help increase your visibility in the right places, distinguishing you from the competition. Contact me today and we can discuss how to improve your marketing message.

Professional healthcare copywriter Matt BrennanHire Professional Healthcare Copywriter Matt Brennan

People are doing more research than ever before when it comes to their healthcare. Companies have a unique opportunity to provide educational value through their marketing materials. My name is Matt Brennan and I am a professional healthcare copywriter.

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Are you a business owner that understands the importance of content marketing but you don’t necessarily have the time or creativity to generate good quality material? Material of course that will lead to traffic and ultimately sales? Well, then you’re like me and let me tell you something, Matthew Brennan can help! I’ve had the privilege of knowing Matt on a personal level and most recently over the past few months on a professional level with him coming on board as part of my team to write articles. He isn’t interested in cranking out shallow content for the sake of just putting it out there. He is definitely passionate about providing content that is tailored to your audience and target demographic while maintaining the spirit and culture of your business. He took the time to meet with me free of charge for a consultation to really dig deep into what I, and my business, was all about. Listened to what my goals were, who my customer was, and let me know specif ally how he could help me in the bigger picture of things. He is a pleasure to work with, is flexible with change, has great ideas, and writes in a way that is memorable and easy to swallow without being watered down or void of life. I’ll admit, I wondered if content marketing like this could help my business and whether or not it was worth the investment… after all, I was doing just fine with one or two blog posts a year 😉 I entrusted Matt and gave him the go ahead to write weekly for me. What I can tell you is this, I spend a lot of money on advertising and as of yesterday (using google analytics) I was able to see that my Organic and Social channels for Acquisition was more than double what my paid per click was. Matt is worth every penny and I love and look forward to his ideas for the upcoming months and I also look forward to reading every blog post and article that he puts out. STOP WRITING TWO BLOG POSTS A YEAR (like I did) and get on the ball and contact Matthew and you will see what a difference it will make for your business!
Carlos Rogers-Lopez

Owner, RampNow

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