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Visibility is imperative online, and a hiring a professional blog copywriter can make the difference when it comes to being seen.

A blog can help you create multiple points of entry into your website and online marketing funnel. With a static online website (a site without a blog), you maybe only have a handful of points of entry for your customers. A blog copywriter can help you create more portals into your website.

As a blog copywriter, I have helped companies of all sizes enhance their online marketing efforts. I create valuable content that helps businesses attract additional visibility, and strengthen the bond with their customers.

Right now is the time to strengthen your brand online.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Blog Copywriter:


Educate your customer base about your business and industry.

Draw more traffic, and more potential buyers into your website.

Create more ways for your audience to find you.

Increase name recognition and remain top of mind.

Build your brand.

Blogging is a Win-Win

Your audience loves content. They love long content and short content. They love content that’s visually friendly, and conversationally written. They love frequent, quality content. But most of all, they love content that answers their questions. If you can hit those marks, you have something that will resonate.

Blogging also provides a way for your business to maintain relevance with the search engines. Continuous, high-quality content gets rewarded with higher rankings. It’s a way to increase your visibility. In short, blogging is good for your audience, and blogging benefits SEO.

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You, The Business Owner and Expert

Your customers are online looking for information. They’re searching for answers to their questions, and trying painfully hard to figure out the best products to buy, and the most efficient ways to use them.

When they’re conducting searches in your industry, are they finding you? Information that used to be proprietary is now splattered across the Internet. What businesses used to charge for is now in plain sight.

A blog copywriter can help you maintain a higher level of relevance with your audience. Are you ready to differentiate your business from the competition, and be found? Contact me today, and we can talk about ways to improve your online presence with your blog.

An Added Note About Blogging

If your company is part of the growing percentage of WordPress websites on the Internet, there’s little that needs to be done on the technical side to begin blogging. It may be just a few modifications on the back end to add a blog. Web building platforms of all varieties are making it easier for businesses of all types to begin blogging.

If you have a WordPress site, I can load the post as a draft into your website for your approval. This gives you the added benefit of seeing the post how it will look live, for your approval.

Matt is an exceptional writer. Our company collaborates with Matt on multiple projects. The work he delivers continues to help our clients grow engagement and traffic through social and organic channels.

Kenny Mazursky

Owner, Down to Earth Marketing

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