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Attract an Audience and Build Your Brand

Visibility is imperative online, and hiring a professional blog copywriter can make a difference when it comes to being seen.

A blog can help you create multiple points of entry into your website and online marketing funnel. With a static online website (a site without a blog), you have limited points of entry to your site, which makes it harder for potential customers to find you.

Each blog post is essentially an indexed page on your website, giving businesses more opportunity to grow their audience online.  A blog copywriter can help you create more opportunities for paying customers to find you online. 

My name is Matt Brennan, and I am a professional blog copywriter. I help companies and organizations enhance their online marketing efforts by publishing fresh content on a regular schedule. This content can be optimized for added visibility in the search engines, while also appealing to readers. 

With any online marketing effort, it’s important to get your customers to know, like, and trust you. A blog is an opportunity to provide important educational information regarding your industry in a friendly manner. It’s an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships. A blog copywriter can help. 

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The Benefits of Hiring a Blog Copywriter:


Educate your customer base about your business and industry.

Draw more traffic, and more potential buyers into your website.

Create more ways for your audience to find you.

Increase name recognition and remain top of mind.

Build your brand.

Blogging is a Win-Win

Your audience loves all forms of content, whether it’s long or short. They love posts and articles that are visually friendly and conversationally written. They love quality content that answers their questions. If you can hit those marks, you have something that will resonate.

Blogging also provides a way for your business to maintain relevance with the search engines. A well-written and informative blog that serves your readers will be rewarded with added visibility in the search engines. 

blog copywriter

You, The Business Owner and Expert

Your customers are online looking for information. They’re searching for answers to their questions and trying painfully hard to figure out the best products to buy, and the most efficient ways to use them.

When they’re conducting searches in your industry, are they finding you? Information that used to be proprietary is now splattered across the Internet. What businesses used to charge for is now in plain sight. The companies that educate their customers and give away information are seeing the most success online. Make sure that you are doing everything you can to turn your company’s blog into an educational tool.

A blog copywriter can help you maintain a higher level of relevance with your audience, and attract new customers. Contact me today, and we can talk about ways to improve your online presence with your blog.

An Added Note About Blogging

If your company is part of the growing percentage of WordPress websites on the Internet, there’s little that needs to be done on the technical side to begin blogging. It may be just a few modifications on the back end to add a blog. Web building platforms of all varieties are making it easier for businesses of all types to begin blogging.

If you have a WordPress site, I can load the post as a draft into your website for your approval. This gives you the added benefit of seeing the post how it will look live, for your approval.

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Write Engaging Blog Posts Your Audience is Sure to Love

Professional blog copywriter Matt BrennanHire Professional Blog Copywriter Matt Brennan

Your blog is a gateway into your business. It’s a way to turn interested readers into passionate customers, while positioning yourself as the expert. My name is Matt Brennan, and I am a professional blog copywriter. I help businesses enrich their customer relationships and increase revenues through blog writing.

If you have questions or would like to discuss your next project, contact me today!

Matt is an exceptional writer. Our company collaborates with Matt on multiple projects. The work he delivers continues to help our clients grow engagement and traffic through social and organic channels.

Kenny Mazursky

Owner, Down to Earth Marketing

Are you a business owner that understands the importance of content marketing but you don’t necessarily have the time or creativity to generate good quality material? Material that will lead to traffic and ultimately sales? Well, then you’re like me and let me tell you something, Matthew Brennan can help! I’ve had the privilege of knowing Matt on a personal level and most recently over the past few months on a professional level with him coming on board as part of my team to write articles. He isn’t interested in cranking out shallow content for the sake of just putting it out there. He is definitely passionate about providing content that is tailored to your audience and target demographic while maintaining the spirit and culture of your business. He took the time to meet with me free of charge for a consultation to really dig deep into what I, and my business, was all about. He listened to what my goals were, who my customer was, and let me know specifically how he could help me in the bigger picture of things.

He is a pleasure to work with, flexible with change, has great ideas, and writes in a way that is memorable and easy to swallow without being watered down or void of life. I’ll admit, I wondered if content marketing like this could help my business and whether or not it was worth the investment… after all, I was doing just fine with one or two blog posts a year. I entrusted Matt and gave him the go-ahead to write weekly for me. What I can tell you is this, I spend a lot of money on advertising and as of yesterday (using google analytics), I was able to see that my organic and social channels for acquisition were more than double what my pay per click was. Matt is worth every penny and I love and look forward to his ideas for the upcoming months and I also look forward to reading every blog post and article that he puts out.

STOP WRITING TWO BLOG POSTS A YEAR (like I did) and get on the ball and contact Matthew and you will see what a difference it will make for your business!

Carlos Lopez

Owner, RampNow

Hire a Professional Blog Copywriter

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