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Has your website copywriting lost its luster? Does it not sing your song the way you want it to? It may just be that your marketing isn’t connecting with your audience the way it should. A little brush up may do the trick. Try these 11 ideas to improve your presence.

Website Copywriting Tips  

It’s about them, not you – If your website is 100 percent about how great, smart, or perfect you are, you may be doing it wrong. Sure, you need to strike a confident tone, but you also need to address customer needs. Your website is about how well you meet your customers’ needs. It’s about serving. Not taking.

Strike a conversational tone – Your website doesn’t need to sound like an academic dissertation. Write it like your talking to a customer over a cup of coffee. That conversational tone sets up a level of authenticity. Go ahead and use contractions, spell out your acronyms on first use, reduce the geek-speak, and simply write how you talk.

Keep it updated – Have your offerings changed? Make sure that you are updating your product and services pages to reflect the current state of your business. An outdated web presence can send readers the other way. This goes for your blog as well. If you blog less than once a month, you should probably pull the dates off your posts.

Write Right Sell Now

Spend more time on your headlines – It’s the smallest piece of real estate on your page, but it’s what the reader uses to determine just how far they want to commit. Make a promise in your headline. Entice your reader to click and read further. You’ll do well to really research how to write a compelling headline.

Know your words of persuasion – Your word choice can make a powerful fast impression. With a little effort, you can create a strong psychological pull toward your product or service. Words like: you, free, because, instantly or new can create a significant impact. Find out how and why, and use them.

Tell them what they need to do – If you get everything else right, and leave your customer itching for what to do next, there may be a natural disconnect. Go ahead, tell them whether to buy, download, contact, register, comment or share. Create a compelling call to action. As a general rule of thumb, one call to action per page works. Any more than that and you can stir up some decision fatigue.

Putting a little TLC into your website copywriting can help you bolster your business and better connect with your audience. Are you doing everything you can be to improve your online marketing?

Matt Brennan is a Chicago area marketing copywriter and copy editor. He is also the author of Write Right – Sell Now: How to Create Content that Grows Your Business.