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Writing For The Web Means Connecting With Your Audience

There is a traditional approach businesses took in the past, targeting the hard sale in order to increase their customer base and grow their business.

The web changed things. A spray and pray mentality can potentially be more damaging than helpful to businesses in the long run. Instead, online marketing, and successfully writing for the web means providing value to your customer base. That means educational, engaging content that resonates will win out with your customers every time. If you are stuck on how to create your website content, a marketing writer can help.

Differentiating Your Business Through Better Marketing 

It really doesn’t matter what you do for a living, to be honest – the Internet is a crowded place.

Someone shopping, or at least looking to learn a little bit more about your services, has a lot of options. They can quickly and easily peruse multiple sites if your writing does not engage. It only takes a couple fleeting seconds for a reader to determine whether they will stick with your website, or move on to the next.

Think about the last time you used the Internet for research, or bought something online. You knew what you were looking for, and if the search result didn’t quickly fit the bill, it’s on to the next result, right?

It is not enough for businesses to attract traffic. How businesses convert that traffic is equally as important. There are ways to combat the fleeting attention span of they typical Internet user with better content.

Chances are, you do something different than your competition. Hopefully you have your own take on your industry, and your own way of doing things. Highlight that. For example, I come from a journalistic, storytelling background. That skill set can differentiate me from a lot of the other marketing writers out there.

I have a secret. People like stories. They’ll remember stories over data. People like to connect on a human level. If you have stories about how your product or service has helped customers, don’t be afraid to tell it. Also, don’t be afraid to mention your personal interests in your blogs, tweets and posts. As with any marketing writing, grammar and spelling are important. So make sure you have a second set of eyes, if needed.

If you can tell people how your product eases their pain, do that too. It’s always important to stress benefits over features. Benefits ease people’s pain, features only matter to a select few in the industry.

Writing for the web isn’t about you. It is about connecting with your customer in a meaningful way. That is the best way to attract online business.


Matt Brennan is a Chicago-based marketing writer and copy editor