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“When I’m sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story.”

Barney Stinson

How I Met Your Mother

This is a show that my wife and I make a point of not missing. The often over-the-top character Barney hit’s the nail on the head here. For the sake of your marketing efforts, what if we substitute the word sad with boring? You know you’re guilty from time to time.

This is your wake up call. Snap out of it.

I come from the newspaper industry, where our job is to tell stories. Here’s what I’ve learned: A good reporter can take an emotional feature story that stands on its own, and turn it into something great. A great reporter can take something otherwise boring, and turn it into something awesome.

Journalism to marketing translation? You have to make people care.

Stop Being Boring

Boring is average. Everyone else is boring, and that’s why they are lumped together into one giant glob of search results. Your business is different. I know that and you know that. Now, your job is to convince everyone who finds your website.

The trick is to drop the encyclopedic explanations, and inject your personality into the copy instead, alright?

Try Awesome Instead

Tell us your story.

What makes you, you?

While you’re at it, use punchy verbs.

The first impression that someone has of your business may not even come from your website. It may come from a tweet, Facebook post, or your spot in the search engines. Even the smallest pieces of writing are still crucial to others’ perception.

Be Creative

Don’t drone on. Try giving us new thoughts and ideas about your business. It’s a crowded field. Why did your readers and your customers choose you? You better have an answer.

Instead of using geeky tech speak, here’s a thought: Why not tell your reader how you solve their problems in easy to understand language? You can be professional without being formal.

This is the kind of thing that will get you noticed. This is the kind of thing that will make people care.


Matt Brennan is a Chicago-area marketing writer and copy editor. He is also the author of Write Right-Sell Now.