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Those who know me know that I love my coffee. It stems back to the days when my wife and I lived in a one bedroom apartment, as I began the process of working for myself.

What does this have to do with coffee? I had no room to work. So, I became a bit of a nomad, working from a myriad of local coffee shops, and coming home smelling like the brew nearly every day.

Sure, there’s a bunch of Starbucks and Caribou, who were in the coffee game as the big players. But I loved trying out the local independent shops, and seeing what they do to stand out from the crowd.

These are the places that do a great job in featuring the work of local artists. They have signs, decorations, unique furniture, and WiFi for those working on their computers or tablets. They put a lot of effort in creating atmosphere and turning a simple cup of coffee into an entire experience.

Does Your Marketing Create An Experience?

Your Website Should Be Inviting – Allow a non-designer to talk about design for a moment. It starts with an inviting logo, and trickles into everything that you do. At this point, you should probably be using a WordPress template for your website. The design is nearly always sharp, and the flexibility of having the blog on site will long be worth it. Engaging graphics grab your reader’s attention, and give them reason to dive deeper into your website. People are always attracted to good design.

Your Content Should Be An Honest Reflection Of You – Remember that there’s hundreds or thousands of other places your readers could be turning for information. Does your website actively reflect who you are? Your “about” page should be warm and inviting. Don’t be afraid to write it in the way that you would talk. First and foremost, tell people what you do, but do it in a way that they can identify. It’s OK to share that you’re a Bears fan or a Cubs fan, or love music that rocks. In a world where everyone is the same, you’re one common interest from being hired.

Keep Your Blog Personable As Well – Your readers have probably read the same five industry tips that every other blogger is currently publishing. Why not color them with a bit of your opinion or come up with new ones? Don’t be afraid to march to your own drum. What the Internet’s lacking is more of your own personal voice…


The goal with blogging or any content marketing, is not to do the same thing that everyone else in your industry is doing. That’s a quick path to mediocrity. What do you do to create an experience for your readers and customers? What do you do to make sure that they’re getting something they won’t get anywhere else?

Matt Brennan is a Chicago-based marketing writer and copy editor