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Hire a medical copywriter to improve visibility…

Private sector companies and researchers make new discoveries in the healthcare field every day. These include new disease treatments, medical devices, and other products. We’ve extended lifespans and lessened human suffering. But in order for your product to make a difference, the medical community and patients need to be aware of it.

A professional medical copywriter can help you develop your brand and place your product in the hands of those who can benefit the most. They can help you stay relevant in a competitive and noisy marketplace.

What a Medical Device Copywriter Can Do for You

Generate Ideas and Provide a List of Marketing Options

Sometimes businesses get caught up in what the competition did, and why they need it, too. The reality is often that there is more than one way to put your message in front of your audience. Below is a list of some of your marketing options. A skilled medical copywriter can help generate ideas and let you know what works for you.

All of these can help you market your business in compelling ways. A medical copywriter can help you develop a suitable strategy.

Communicate in a way that Patients Understand

Never forget that it’s patients who use your progress. Healthcare and medical device companies fall into a similar pitfall as a lot of other technology brands. It took years of schooling and institutional knowledge to develop the skill set necessary to operate in the medical industry. With that, comes a tendency to speak in a technical language that your users may not understand.

People will want to use your product because it’s high quality, and it works. They want results. But they may not know everything about the chemicals used in the lab, or the sensors thatmake the device work. They won’t have a medical school or engineering level of the knowledge, so using that type of language can turn them off.

It’s important to communicate the human benefits instead of concentrating on the product features. This means creating a central message around how your product helps.

Educate Patients medical copywriter

Doctors and the healthcare industry no longer have a monopoly on health knowledge. When people have medical questions, they look up the answers. Individual knowledge and research put people in more control of their own health. Healthcare companies should embrace this growing trend by publishing educational information that helps people thrive.

Let’s take a medical device company for diabetes for example. Publishing information on how to control the disease, promoting general health, and how to use the device most effectively can provide a tremendous value. Your marketing should provide a secondary asset to your patients.

Tell Compelling Stories 

Data and statistics are wonderful for backing up your argument, but they’re not what people walk away remembering. That’s what stories and storytelling are for. There are a number of ways this can be accomplished.

Sometimes it’s in communicating whole stories, and sometimes it’s in the language we use to express our ideas.

  • Don’t be afraid to tell personal stories and communicate with analogies when they are relevant. Share a little bit about who you are. People want to buy from the people they like. Sharing more will make you more likable.
  • Invoke emotion. Everyone wants to think they buy for logical reasons, but the truth is that they buy for the way your product makes them feel. So tell them why your product is the choice for healthy people, and why it can make them feel safe and secure.
  • Tell your origin story on your about page. Your website is the closest thing a business has to an online resume. And before people buy, they may want to know why they should buy from you. For this, they click on the about page. The more you can tell them about your past, how the company began, and your credentials to help, the better.
  • Case studies and testimonials are important. They provide the social proof your customers may be looking for. For case studies, identify what the customer’s problem was, and how they solved it using your product. It’s that simple.

What a Medical Copywriter Does 

An experienced medical copywriter knows how to balance the technical information involved, in creating a compelling message for patients. They will know how to avoid the acronyms and jargon that simply flies over patients’ heads. It’s important to understand what patients, caregivers, physicians, and all stakeholders are looking for in the marketing materials and address their needs appropriately.

Do you have questions about hiring a medical copywriter for your next marketing project? Contact me today!

Matthew Brennan is a Chicago-area copywriter and copy editor. He is also the author of Write Right-Sell Now.