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Most industries operate in a pack mentality. Your competition successfully did something, which means that you need to do it too. Your next product, your next marketing piece, your next decision is based solely on the fact someone did it before you.

Your business becomes an entire game of catch up. But catch up and getting ahead are two different things. The problem is that you do business in a competitive field. The Internet turns businesses thousands of miles away into potential competitors by eliminating geography. So how do you get ahead?

By harnessing your creativity.

There’s a Pablo Picasso quote about everyone being born an artist. The trick is to stay an artist into adulthood. That doesn’t mean that you have to draw or paint or make sculptures. You certainly can, and that’s great.

But how about doing whatever you do with some artistry? That means coming up with some unique ideas for products, or marketing or operations. Let’s look at what harnessing your creativity could mean for your marketing:

  • Try to find different methods to get in front of your audience. If your business is not receiving the public relations that you wanted, maybe it is time to write some of the stories you were hoping to receive in blog form. This can help you control the message, while building your own platform as a primary source for information about your business.
  • Try to find different methods for developing blog ideas. Look at the phrases that people frequently Google to find industry information. Develop a list of frequently asked customer questions. Try to find ways of adding value for your customers through every piece of content that you publish.
  • Let your marketing reflect the culture of your company. Write blog posts, website content, and other marketing in the same voice you talk with your customers. Make sure that your online marketing is a true reflection of who you are as a company. Tell awesome stories. Be entertaining. Convey value and information in a way that doesn’t sound like an encyclopedia article.
  • What are you passionate about outside your business? Try to find ways to work it into your marketing. Your industry could be infused with new ideas. This is a great exercise for thinking outside then industry box.
  • Write better headlines. The smallest chunk of your marketing writing can dictate the size of its audience. Seriously. You can write the most entertaining, informative marketing piece and if the title makes people yawn, it won’t get the audience it deserves.

These are just a few of the ways that you can harness your creativity and keep your inner artist alive in your marketing. The list is by no means all-inclusive. What have you done to infuse some creativity into your business? What have you done to stand out from the competition?

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Matt Brennan is a Chicago-based marketing writer and copy editor