Learning about social media and digital marketing can be a little bit like taking a rowboat out into the ocean. It’s intimidating, and knowing where to turn for inspiration and knowledge can help.

It’s important to have goals, and a plan to achieve them. It’s important to always be learning, and developing new ideas and strategies for success.

With that in mind, I compiled a list of 25 copywriters, bloggers and marketing influencers for taking your business to the next level online. Some of these people are currently more active than others. But reading through some of the dated work can still be well worth your time.

This list is in no particular order and could have easily been 10x as long. But there is value in what each of these people have to say. I included links to websites and books, as well as all the Twitter handles I could find. I hope you find something that helps!

25 of the Best Marketing Influencers for You To Follow:

Jon Morrow – Jon is currently running the site Smart Blogger, which offers common-sense, actionable tips for growing your blog and becoming a better writer. His opt-in product, the book Headline Hacks, is a must-read for any content marketer looking to improve their headline writing. Twitter: @JonMorrow

Brian Clark – Brian is the founder of Copyblogger, one of the original blogs dedicated to adopting traditional copywriting techniques in the ever-changing digital marketing world. This site is a wealth of knowledge for those serious about improving their website copy to maximize engagement and sales. Twitter: @BrianClark

Demian Farnworth – Demian is another Copyblogger writer with an informative and entertaining bend to his writing. You can search through his work over there, and quickly learn how to become a better online writer.

Neil Patel – Neil Patel is the mad scientist of the marketing world. He is obsessed with split testing various pieces of marketing, and maximizing the best results. On his blog Quicksprout, he specializes in detailed, in-depth posts that help you maximize your efforts on various platforms, to enhance your readership and sell more. Neil has far more than just Quicksprout going on, but this is a great place to build up your skill set and ensure you are devoting your energy into the right places. Twitter: @neilpatel

Kristi Hines – Kristi Hines is a freelance writer and blogger covering business and online marketing topics. Her blog Kikolani is full of blogging and marketing tips useful for small businesses. She’s also written for several of the “A list” marketing websites. Twitter: @kristihines

Ben Settle – Want to write emails that get opened? Want to write emails that people take action on? Ben is the guy to learn from. His blog and his books detail what you can do to improve your email game. He’s also an entertaining read. Twitter: @BenSettle

Jay Baer – Jay’s Convince and Convert is an industry leader on how to use your digital presence to attract more customers. His book Youtility is also a great place to turn for learning how to achieve success by providing the help that your customers need. Twitter: @JayBaer

Gary Vaynerchuck – Gary is one of the original online marketing success stories, selling and critiquing wine via video. His books Crush ItThe Thank You Economyand Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook all have massive amounts of valuable insight as well. He’s also still producing valuable marketing videos. Twitter: @GaryVee

Chris Brogan – Chris has been a long-time staple of the digital marketing landscape. His blog on ChrisBrogan.com is a must read for anyone looking for advice on how to appear more human online. His newsletter and podcast are also excellent resources. Twitter: @ChrisBrogan

James Altucher – If you fancy yourself an entrepreneur, small business owner, or just like being self-employed, James is your guy. His blog, podcast, and book Choose Yourself are all valuable resources for those looking to generate some income on their own. His biggest push is to get you to write down 10 ideas a day. There is a wealth of information here. Twitter: @Jaltucher

Ryan Holiday – Ryan’s career skyrocketed at an early age, when he apprenticed for author Robert Greene. He’s a media strategist and writes about business. He also served as the director of marketing for American Apparel, among other things If you ever want an understanding about Stoicism, and how it impacts your life and your business, read the Obstacle is the Way and/or Ego is the EnemyTwitter: @RyanHoliday

Tim Ferris – If you’re not listening to Tim’s podcast, you’re missing out. Tim’s intro sums it up best: he deconstructs world-class performers. The tidbits you pick up from the podcast can help in all aspects of business or life. I’ve picked up several useful books, apps, and other various products because of his show. You’ll find practical solutions to problems you never knew you had. Twitter: @TFerriss

Write Right Sell Now

Joe Pulizzi – Joe is the guy who can decode all things content marketing for you. After all, he’s widely credited with coining the phrase. His site The Content Marketing Institute lays out all the information you need to develop a sound content strategy. There are some top-notch guest posts on a regular basis that will teach you what you  need to know. Content Inc. is also well worth the read. Twitter: @JoePulizzi

Jeff Bullas – Jeff is a digital marketing influencer who writes about everything from the latest social media trends, to how to craft copy with mobile users in mind. His blog consistently ranks among the best for all things digital marketing. There’s a lot of actionable takeaways here. Twitter: @JeffBullas


Julien Smith – Julien cowrote a book called Trust Agents with Chris Brogan, which is highly worth the read for anyone looking to humanize their online business. His blog In Over Your Head hasn’t been updated in a few years, but there is some great stuff there for anyone looking to up their social media game. Twitter: @Julien

Darren Rowse – Darren’s site ProBlogger is a great resource with a lot of actionable tips, tricks, and strategies designed to make you a better blogger. All kinds of pertinent topics within blogging and content marketing are covered. Twitter: @darrenrowse

Marcus Sheridan – Marcus is widely considered one of the original blogging success stories. His pool installation company went from almost broke to booming after he started answering every customer question conceivable on his blog. He now runs The Sales Lion. Twitter: @TheSalesLion

Heidi Cohen – Heidi’s Actionable Marketing Guide lives up to its title. She offers clear tips and strategies to improve your entire digital marketing presence. Whether it’s blogging, web content or any other aspect of digital marketing you’re looking for, this is a good place to turn. Twitter: @HeidiCohen

Danny Sullivan – Danny has been covering all things marketing and search engine related since 1996. He is a founding editor at Search Engine Land. His writing is a great place to start when you are looking to make sense of search engine optimization. Twitter: @DannySullivan

Guy Kawasaki – Guy is many, many things. He is a marketing specialist, and current Apple evangelist. He is also a former Apple employee who helped market some of the original Macintosh computers. His book APE is a bit long, but a valuable tool for authors looking to self publish. Twitter: @GuyKawasaki

Seth Godin – Seth offers short bursts of marketing wisdom on his blog. His posts typically aren’t very long, but they’re designed to get you thinking. He is also a prolific book author, with several titles under his belt.

Rand Fishkin – Rand is the cofounder and CEO of Moz, one of the heavy hitters in search engine optimization (SEO). If you have questions about what you can do to get your site ranked higher, start here. Reading Moz and learning more from Rand will make you a better digital marketer. Twitter: @RandFish

Peter Bowerman – Peter is a renowned freelance writer, helping those also looking to get their start in the field. His book The Well Fed Writer is a must read for anyone looking to delve into the freelance gig. He also has an excellent blog and e-newsletter (and I’m not just saying that because I’ve contributed). Twitter: @PeterBowerman

Jeff Goins – Jeff’s blog is worth the read for anyone looking to improve at the craft – no matter what kind of writer they are striving to be. His blog is the place to start for writers looking to improve at their craft and find more readers. His book The Art of Work is ideal for anyone with with a creative soul looking to follow their passion. @JeffGoins

John Jantsch – John’s blog, Duct Tape Marketing, is a great place to get up to snuff on all things digital marketing. The latest social media trends, as well as the best ways to use various platforms to grow your business are all here. Twitter: @ducttape


I hope this list helps, and that you find the digital marketing and copywriting inspiration that you are looking for. If there are other marketing influencers you would add, let me know in the content section below!


Matt Brennan is a Chicago-area marketing copywriter and copy editor. He is also the author of Write Right-Sell Now: How to Create Content that Grows Your Business