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In a competitive online environment, your business content provides a prime way to set yourself apart from the competition. Whether it’s website content, blogging, emails, landing pages or press releases, you need a message that stands out.

Don’t fall into any of these common business content traps.

Reasons Your Business Content Missed the Mark

There’s no Plan – When there’s no rhyme or reason to the content that you are publishing, and it doesn’t seem to mesh with what your readers are looking for, you have a problem. The content you publish should be thought out in advance and serve a purpose with your audience.

You Haven’t Given It Enough Time – Search engine optimization takes time. When you publish content for your business on a regular basis it can have tremendous results, but don’t expect it to be successful overnight.

Blogging, and producing other SEO content is like going on a diet to lose weight. You don’t eat one healthy meal and suddenly meet your weight goals. It takes steady repetition over an extended period of time. It may take 6 months to a year of consistent blogging to realize results. It just depends on your business, the quality of content, and your level of competition.

You Need to Publish More Frequently – The goal with blogging and content marketing is to develop sound name recognition. You want prospective customers and clients to recognize your name, and to understand that you are an expert in your industry. That might be hard to accomplish if you’re not publishing enough.

It also helps with the search engines to post consistent, reliable content. One suggestion that might help. You can also repost links to older, quality articles that your social media audience will find valuable.

The Headlines Are Boring – Whether it’s the home page, about page, or any of your blog posts, you need creative, engaging headlines. It’s not enough to simply title it “About page.” This is valuable real estate for setting yourself apart from your competition.

In fact, the headlines are the most valuable 5-10 words on the page because they are what helps a reader determine if they’re going to click on your story or not. So, spend some time learning how to write better headlines. Make a promise to your customer or provoke their curiosity. Whatever you do, for the love of God, be interesting.

It’s All Business Lingo – You know more about your industry than the people who buy your product or service. While it may be tempting to prove that knowledge, the copy needs to be written in a way that your customer can understand. Going overboard on the business lingo can frustrate a potential customer and cause them to go somewhere else.

Write Right Sell Now

It’s All About You – Your customer has a problem, and they’re looking for the best possible solution. Your content needs to show that you understand that problem and present your product or service as the best possible solution. Even the about page should address this problem.

It’s easy to turn your business content into something that’s all about you. It’s easy to turn it into a laundry list of why you’re qualified to do what you do. But you’re not identifying with the customer, and using your content to create a trusted bond. You’re missing a valuable opportunity to connect with your audience on a personal level.

It’s Far Too Complex – Your customer should be able to understand the materials. Businesses are sometimes tempted to overcomplicate their marketing materials to show that they are smart. Even the most complex subjects can be broken down into a way that the reader can understand.

Your Content is Only Average – When you constantly repeat the content that’s already out there, and you’re not truly adding your take to the post, quality may suffer. When your stuff simply repeats what’s already been said you are at high risk of landing in the middle of the pack. This is no place for you to be able to stand out.

It’s Not Useful – Your reader came to your site to help them solve a problem. If there’s not an actionable way for them to improve their situation, the content isn’t very useful to them. It’s important that your content is some combination of educational, informative, entertaining, or sales-focused. It can be a combination of these things, but it needs to be at least one of them.


When you look at your marketing materials, do you recognize the traps that you’re falling into? What steps can you take to improve the quality of your business content? You don’t have to go on producing mediocre business content and wondering why you’re not seeing results. If you’d like to have a conversation about your blog or website content, contact me today!