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You don’t have to look hard to find blogs stressing the importance of quality content if you want to see your marketing come to fruition.

You’ve probably all seen the posts that contain 10 great tips for developing an audience, and it ends with a disclaimer like this: “Of course, none of this will work without first having quality content.”

First off, the posts are common because it’s true.

You do need quality content. You need content your readers will want to share with their readers. 

Second, what the heck does it mean for you? What is it that your readers are looking for?

  • They’re looking for you. There’s no shortage of tips and advice online. What there is a shortage of is you. What’s your take on this issue? How does what you did or what you watched or what you read over the weekend apply to your business? What’s an uncommon connection that will make people think? The trick is to write some things that they’re not going to find in other places.
  • Write stories. Why do your customers turn to you? What problems do they have that you can solve? This is a natural place to capture conflict and end with the resolution. Everybody’s a sucker for a good story. The trick is to get out of the way and make your customer the hero. Not you.
  • Develop a strong command of language. This means knowing your spelling and grammar. It also means an artful implementation with word choice. Strong action verbs should rule the piece. You’ll also want to keep the vocabulary adjusted to your audience. When they need to leave to look up a word, there’s a pretty good chance they’re not coming back.
  • Find compelling topics. Do you know what your readers are truly looking for? You may think you know, but check forums. Take a look in the Google keyword tool to see what topics are searched a lot. Write posts that answer FAQs you receive a lot in real life. These are the types of posts that should already have a built in audience.
  • Write Awesome Headlines. The temptation to blow this off is so strong because it’s the shortest part of the piece. But think about it, this is what the majority of your readers use to determine whether they’ll keep reading. Make a promise in your headline. Then keep it.
  • Invite interaction. Blogs and social media should both be two way streets. This means asking questions and literally asking your readers to comment. When the topic is compelling enough, you may see some responses.

What do you do to make sure your content hits the mark?

Matt Brennan is a Chicago-based marketing writer and copy editor.