Has anyone else noticed the Voice Search from Google? They began rolling it out over the summer, and it is on the Google search in the Chrome browser. It’s not quite the same level as Siri, but I’m sure Google will have enhancements in store.

Right now, it is simply for Google searches, and seems to be pretty accurate, if you give it keywords. It doesn’t have the knowledge base that Siri builds up, however. For example, I asked Siri “How do I get to Iowa?” and it gave me directions to Des Moines, from my current location. I asked Google voice, and I still get some irrelevant searches for Iowa.

It will happen soon for Google, I’m sure, but it hasn’t happened yet. The Android voice recognition still has problems understanding the question correctly. Once they build in a strong artificial intelligence system, they’ll be able to compete with Apple on that front.

My guess is we’ll see more of the personal assistant type apps in home computing as well. Can you imagine simply telling your computer to play a movie, or make a Facebook post? Have it answer a question, or play your favorite music.

This will also be an interesting progression in home and business automation. Tell your computer to turn the heat down, or bill a client. Apple was ahead of the curve again, and the possibilities with this one are endless.

Matt Brennan is a Chicago area marketing writer and copy editor. He is also the author of Write Right-Sell Now.