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If you’re running a business, you’re in a constant fight for attention. These principles of copywriting can help you craft a message that is compelling and convincing. They can help you to create content that helps readers to fall in love with your company, which is no small task.

These principles of copywriting are the foundation of creating a sound business message.

Use These 6 Principles of Copywriting to Turn Readers into Loyal Customers

Identify with Your Readers’ Problem – They came to you for a reason. If you can identify with that reason and show that you understand their situation, they’re more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt. It might mean letting them know you understand that the situation they’re in is frustrating. It can be difficult when the problem they approached you for remains unsolved. But they shouldn’t go to just anyone to take care of that problem. They should go with someone experienced. You.

Copy that is empathetic goes a long way.

Communicate Like You’re Sitting Across from Your Reader – It’s tempting to use a lot of big industry words to show how smart you are. It’s tempting to write your copy like your customer knows as much about your business as you do. But when you do this, readers’ eyes collectively glaze over. No one really knows what you’re talking about, and chances are, they won’t stick with you to find out.

The alternative is to explain things in a way that your reader will easily understand. Not condescending, but conversational. Talk to your reader like you’re both out for coffee. It’s a great way to build lasting rapport. This is one of the most important principles of copywriting.

Showcase Your Expertise – This may seem to contradict the point above but hear me out. While you don’t want to drone on like a know-it-all, it’s important for them to understand that they’re not dealing with a newbie. Make sure your readers understand that you can help customers in their situation. Make sure they understand how long you’ve been doing what you’re doing. We both know that you can handle things. When you can let your customers know, they’ll feel much more comfortable.

Vary Your Approach – In order to achieve the strongest response to your copy, you’ll need to find the approach that works the best for your readers and customers. This involves some trial and error. It involves reaching out on multiple fronts. Blogging, landing pages, white papers, press releases, and brochures may all make sense.

Make sure that you’re doing everything possible to expand your audience.

Social Proof Goes a Long Way – Your readers want to know that you can deliver on your promises. They want to feel some level of confidence before they make a commitment. Social proof is how that is accomplished. Testimonials are a big part of this. Case studies help as well. Talk about your success stories. This gives your readers something to go on. If you want your readers to trust you, this is one of the most important principles of copywriting to perfect.

Spend the Bulk of Your Time on Headlines – This may seem counterintuitive. Headlines take up such a small amount of real estate compared to the rest of the content. But a headline is what a reader uses to determine whether or not they’re going to click. Without that traffic, they’ll never commit. Your headline should inspire people to take action.

Here is another post to help you learn how to write better headlines.

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Commit Now to Becoming a Better Marketer

By practicing these principles of copywriting, you’re improving your brand message and becoming a better marketer. You’ll learn how to make your readers fall in love with your business. It may take repetition and practice to nail down the voice and the method to attract new customers but stick with it. It can be done!

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Matthew Brennan is a Chicago Copywriter and copy editor. He is also the author of Write Right-Sell Now and The Virus and Us.