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Here’s what an experienced medical device or pharmaceutical copywriter can do for you…

Healthcare advancements are more critical now than ever. Companies are vying for attention for new treatments, devices, or other products. A healthcare or medical copywriter can help you to develop a compelling message that will work to increase your visibility amongst a crowded field.

It’s important that doctors and other healthcare professionals are aware of how your company benefits patients. It also helps when consumers are aware of your product and can ask their doctor about it. If you’re looking to promote a medical product or service, an experienced healthcare copywriter can help.

A talented medical device or pharmaceutical copywriter can help you attract the business that you need for new treatments, or devices on the market.

Be Careful What You Claim

A talented pharmaceutical copywriter will understand that you cannot make certain medical claims in the marketing materials. They will understand how to work with you to figure out in advance what can and cannot be claimed through the medical copy. For example, a certain pharmaceutical “may help you lose weight” versus “it will help you to lose weight.” The outcomes are likely different on an individual basis, and the claims that you can make are highly regulated.

Use High-Quality Sources 

The internet is filled with vast amounts of information. One of the ways that you establish your business as a trusted source of information is to only use high-quality sources of information. For instance, there’s a big difference in siting a medical study, versus a generic blog post on the subject. It may take a little longer, but a professional medical or pharmaceutical copywriter will understand to use quality medical sources for information.

Write Right Sell Now

Education and Value

It often seems that patients and doctors are being sold to with marketing content, but it doesn’t have to be that way. People are doing more research through advanced Google searches on the products that they buy. You can educate customers and provide marketing content that is also an asset for your company. A talented medical copywriter can help you accomplish this.

When you provide high-level value through your marketing materials, you position your company as a trusted expert in the industry. Doctors will be more likely to prescribe your treatment or use your device. Patients may be more likely to ask their doctor for it, or seek it out at the pharmacy.

This type of value can have a significant impact.

The Importance of Social Proof

Does your product work? There’s possibly no industry where this question is more important than healthcare. People need to know that your product or pharmaceutical can do what it claims. An experienced medical device or pharmaceutical copywriter can help you place all types of social proof.

Case studies are an effective method for showcasing the effectiveness of what you sell. Testimonials also do the trick. It’s also important to quote any relevant medical studies that make your point from a scientific angle. You can talk about the benefits of your product all day long, but it’s not the same as when your customers or a third-party scientist say that it works.

Broaden Your Approach to Pharmaceutical Copywriting and Marketing

When it comes to marketing your medical product, there are several options available to you. It’s best to go with a pharmaceutical copywriter who can help you with multiple mediums, including:

A broad approach across multiple marketing platforms will help whether your company has an up and coming Covid-19 treatment, or a way to treat blood pressure or obesity.

Finding the Right Medical Device or Pharmaceutical Copywriter

If your company is making medical devices, pharmaceuticals, or other healthcare products that are truly benefiting your customers, it’s crucial to get the word out. A healthcare or pharmaceutical copywriter can help you reach your audience in a more effective manner. It’s crucial to differentiate your business from others who might be making a similar product.

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Matthew Brennan is a Chicago Copywriter and copy editor. He is also the author of Write Right-Sell Now and The Virus and Us.