How do you know which copywriting projects are right for your business? There’s a lot of noise out there about the benefits of various digital and content marketing strategies. While most are helpful under the right circumstances, the timing of your project can be crucial. Let’s look at some of the most popular forms of online content to determine what is right for your business today.

Timing is Everything: What Online Copywriting Projects Should You Start With?

Below is a simple summary of some popular online copywriting projects. While all can be beneficial, the timing and order that you approach these projects will matter.

Website Content – Your website serves as the home base for your entire marketing content. You won’t be subject to the changing rules and algorithms on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. The web pages can be as long or short as you need to develop a strong brand message.

Your website content is often the first impression that a paying customer might have for your business. If it is written in a professional, persuasive manner, it can operate while your sales team is catching up on sleep. If it’s written with search engine optimization in mind, it can also garner some much needed visibility for your company as well.

For these reasons, your website content should be in place first. Your other online and offline marketing can point to the website for additional information.

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Blog – The blog is a supplemental portion of your website that helps turn a persuasive sales portal into a full-fledge resource for your customers. People searching in your industry may not always be doing a specific search. They may be doing purchasing research within your industry.

Your blog allows you to maintain visibility in these types of searches. It allows you to keep publishing valuable content that your audience and the search engines will love. Each post is an indexed piece of content, that has potential to land in front of a customer.

When you can serve as this kind of resource within your industry you are providing value and increasing your visibility at the same time. It becomes a winning combination that can grow your business considerably. Once you have your website content in place, it’s time to start blogging, and providing links back to your main product or services page. This is probably the most important of the copywriting projects for maintaining an ongoing level of visibility.

Landing Pages – Are you looking to sell more of a specific product or service? If you are looking to improve sales in a specific aspect of your business, a landing page may be the perfect way to do it. While the content length can be longer for a landing page, the message is still hyper-focused.

This can be a great way to increase sales and grow your email marketing list. You’ll want to work on creating an offer that will be valuable to your potential customer. A lot of times this involves the creation of a “lead magnet” that provides extra value and entices people to leave behind their email address. Some examples of lead magnets include ebooks, courses, or PDF packets.

A good landing page engages the reader, and is highly persuasive and focused. This is a good strategy once you have the website and blog in place.

eBook – Marketplace visibility can help you create a successful online business. There is no better way to establish credibility and build value in your business than to publish a book. An eBook often means different things to different businesses. It can be a simple PDF between 10 and 50 pages designed to educate your customers about a specific aspect of your industry. It can be 100 plus page conventional book that offers more depth. It simply depends on your industry, your topic and your objectives.

Whatever you are looking to accomplish, an eBook should convey value. It should offer actionable takeaways and insights into your world. Whatever you choose to do, it is worth doing right. It may be worth considering an eBook before you begin creating landing pages. That way you have something to offer people in exchange for their email address.

Press Releases – If you are offering new products or services, or experiencing any other changes within your business, an online press release can help you reach a wider audience. When you are marketing your business it is no time to be modest. Press releases can be done at any time in the marketing cycle. Both online press releases and conventional releases can help you showcase the new ways that you are providing value and help you to better tell your story.

Online releases can link back to your website as a way to create more credibility and visibility.


A combination of copywriting projects working in unison is a great way to bring more visibility to your business and help it grow. Taking advantage of these strategies can help you save time and money on marketing your business.

After hearing about these strategies, if you’re looking for some professional help it may be time to hire a marketing copywriter.

Matthew Brennan is a Chicago-area marketing copywriter and copy editor. He is also the author of Write Right-Sell Now.