With a little creativity, Pinterest can be an excellent tool for small business marketing. The new social network focuses on pinning visual interests to virtual “boards” for display to those following you.

Your pins can either come from other online links, or uploaded straight off your computer. You can also like and repin someone else’s pin. The catch is that the new social network has come out discouraging pinners from self promotion of their own business or work.

There are still some ways to use this social network for small business marketing. Instead of blatantly advertising your business, try selling the lifestyle or message that your business is trying to convey.

If you own a gym, you can post pictures of healthy foods, or people working out. If you are a realtor, why not try posting area attractions, and things people can do in your city?

There’s lots of room for almost any business to try and sell people on the lifestyle your business is trying to promote. A marketing company can pin articles about new technologies that can help businesses.

Try following people who would be interested in your industry, and think outside the box.