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“I’m a (fill in the blank_____.) No one wants to read a blog about that.”

I’ve had this same conversation with countless business owners. Human nature is to undervalue your everyday experience. It’s the idea that everyone knows what you know. By extension, your skillset, your industry, and your business become boring. The problem with this method of thinking is that none of it is true. Or at least it doesn’t have to be. There are steps you can take to make boring writing interesting.

Good writing takes an otherwise boring, nuanced, or complex subject and makes it interesting to the reader.

How to Make Boring Writing Interesting

When I worked as a journalist, I covered my fair share of city council meetings, planning commission meetings, bake sales, and other fundraisers. These are all events that can bore the pants off the general public. If you don’t believe me, when was the last time you attended your local city council meeting? For most people, it’s been a while, and they’re not in a hurry to change that.

The trick is to find ways to make them compelling to the reader. The same goes for web page content, blogs, landing pages, sales letters, and other marketing materials that your business produces. Below are some strategies for breathing a little life into your marketing.

Add Value

Why do your customers turn to you? Make sure that the value you add to their everyday life is apparent in the marketing. State the problem that you fix. Show how you fix it, and how it’s worked in the past for others. When you spell out the type of value that you add, you’ll naturally appeal to those seeking to understand more about your services.

Use Plain Language

You may offer a complex product or service. It may have taken years of schooling or an advanced degree to understand the inside workings of your offering. The honest truth is that your reader doesn’t care. They’re not interested in the science behind the inner workings, or the technical specs.

If you write in a way that appeals more to your colleagues, you’ll lose your potential customer. Make sure that you convey the benefits of your offer. Show your reader how exactly it will help them solve whatever problem they may have. This can be a compelling way to make boring writing interesting.

Communicate Your Difference

Every business has a distinguishing factor. The ones that don’t aren’t in business very long. If you can’t figure out what makes you different, spend some time thinking about this. When you can concisely communicate what makes you different than the thousands of other people who do what you do, you have a distinct branding advantage.

Choose an Angle People Can Relate To

If you want people to read about a boring subject, you have to write about subjects people can relate to. The common problems and challenges have a universally human feel to them. Finding ways to relate your content this way can help bring it to life.

Relate it to the News 

Most people may not care too much about food sanitization until there’s a salmonella outbreak. They may not care about financial planning until a recession upends their future plans. They may not care about health and fitness until a recent study on the American diet sheds light on their current lifestyle. You get the idea. Whatever dominates the headlines can help draw attention to your business.

Make It Visual

The sad reality is that the attention span of the average person is shrinking. We’re all inundated with content on a regular basis. The easier you can make it on the reader, the better. When you can make your content visually friendly, your readers are more likely to give it a chance. Pictures, graphics, subheads, shorter paragraphs, and bulleted lists all help.

Put More Effort into Headlines

The headline is such a fractional part of what you’re writing, but it makes all the difference in the world. A compelling headline will cause people to click and read further. When the headline fails to meet expectations, your marketing may be doomed into failure. Here are some tips for writing better headlines.

Write Right Sell Now

Find New Ways to Tell Your Story 

Your story is key. It’s at the center of your efforts to make boring writing interesting. When you can find ways to tell it that keep your reader passionate, you can find ways to grow and expand your audience. What are you doing to improve your story?

If you are struggling to tell your story, you can always talk with a professional copywriter. Feel free to contact me.


Matt Brennan is a Chicago Marketing Copywriter and copy editor. He has more than 20 years of experience as a professional writer. His work has been published in ProBlogger, Addicted2Success, and Business 2 Community. He is also the author of Write Right – Sell Now and The Virus and Us.