Ray Kinsella was nuts. OK, so he was also fictional, but my larger point remains. Kinsella was the Iowa farmer in Field of Dreams who heard voices.

Anybody telling you “If you build it, they will come,” isn’t telling you the full story. If you build it you’re going to have to work your A#$ off to promote it. Then, with a little luck, they might come.

Forget buying links. Forget spamming your way to the top. Google’s on to all that. Google wants what your audience wants, and that’s information.

It may take awhile to get there. One thing you can do to build your audience is play in a few other sandboxes.

Why Guest Blogging Is A Good Idea

When all you do is write and publish, you’re only addressing half the problem. Your content can be pure awesomeness, but if you’re not working to expand your audience, you’ll stall.

Guest posting allows you to show other audiences just how smart you are. It allows you to put some of your best information out there, and spark conversation where an audience already exists.

It can lead to new business, increased traffic and the expansion of your platform.

Since the new year I’ve been guest posting on a variety of blogs, and it’s landed me new business, allowed me to make more connections, and improved my SEO.

If you’re looking to begin a guest posting campaign, I’d suggest taking a few easy steps:

  • Search Google for your industry blogs and websites. 
  • Use Alexa to determine the best performing sites (You’re looking for lowest possible number).
  • Take a cursory look over the blog/website to discover what information they publish, and what kind of conversation it generates. Do they have a lot of comments, shares, and retweets?
  • Look for other guest posters to make sure that the blog accepts them.


  • Go through your professional contacts and bloggers that you already have a relationship with, and ask them if they’d publish a guest post from you. 

I’d suggest looking for blogs that complement your blogging interests, and are more established than yours. That way the built in audience is already there. Don’t be afraid to swing high. The worst you’ll hear is no, and you can scratch them off your list and move on to the next one.

Best of luck! It’s a great way to increase your visibility.

Matt Brennan is a Chicago-area marketing writer and copy editor. He is also the author of Write Right-Sell Now.