Some suggestions and tips for improving copywriting for IT companies.

The number of B2B sales that come through digital sales is trending upwards at a consistent level. Geography becomes less of a limitation for those who offer remote services, and the strength of your business can come down to how many online leads your company receives.

As a result, the strength of your message and the quality of your web content comes into play. This mix of factors makes copywriting for IT companies increasingly important. Here are a few reasons why.

The Importance of Good Copywriting for IT Companies

Your Services Are Complex. Your Explanations Shouldn’t Be.

With data protection, cloud backups, penetration testing and more, IT professionals offer an increasingly complex set of services to the business community. These businesses can benefit from what you have to offer, but they’ll need to understand exactly what it means to them first.

As IT professionals, you have a significant amount of schooling and certifications under your belt. The technology became your passion. The people who need what you sell may not have the same understanding of the technology.

Good copywriting for IT companies can translate those complicated concepts in a way that will resonate with your audience and make potential customers want to get in touch. It will help them understand the significance of what you do, and why they need your help.

The Story You Tell Makes All the Difference

No matter what industry you are in, storytelling in your marketing is crucial. Your audience wants to do business with people they like and trust. Good stories resonate with your audience, improve this likeability factor, and persuade them to take action.

With the internet, your audience has no shortage of choices when it comes to the IT services that they’ll need. The trick for you is to differentiate yourself. This is done through storytelling. People will remember a compelling story much longer than they’ll remember a statistic about the relevance of data protection.

Research is Important, Too

Despite the point made above, statistics have their place in copywriting. They can be used to bolster your argument and strengthen social proof. They make the case for what you are selling.

In order to find the most relevant statistics and up-to-date knowledge, research is crucial. The strength of the marketing message relies heavily on the research that’s done to support it. Good copywriting for IT happens when there is a significant amount of research behind it.

Only 10 percent of an iceberg is showing at any given time. You can think of your marketing materials in the same way. The research strengthens what’s under the surface.

copywriting for IT

A Friendly Conversational Tone Is Key

The temptation in copywriting is to show the reader how smart you are. This is attempted through a number of strategies, but typically it involves throwing around a lot of undefined industry jargon. The problem with this is that the actual effect it has is to make your readers’ eyes gloss over.

It creates a firm stopping point. When you give your readers a stopping point, they tend to react by either closing out the tab or moving on to the next search result. Neither of these are favorable for you.

Instead, picture your reader as a potential client who you are out for coffee with. If you start talking about networks, routers, VPNs and other topics, you may see their eyes gloss over. If you want to keep the business, you’d find other ways to explain the effects and reel it back in. This is an important skill to have in your copy as well.

If you have to use a large word, define it. Don’t be afraid to use a comparison that your reader will identify with. When they truly understand what you do, and the importance of it, they are far more likely to act.

Showcase the Benefits

This is especially critical when the subject matter is complex. Your reader isn’t going to necessarily care how you accomplish a given task or what you use. They will want results. Faster upload times. A safer internet experience. User-friendly software. These are the benefits of a given IT product or service.

These are the things that readers will care about – not the specs on the computers, or the types of equipment that are used to provide the benefit. Good copywriting for IT companies should always keep the benefit in mind.

A Laser-Focused Message

A good way to remember this is that the headline draws people into the page. Each sentence should make someone want to read the next. The page should be about a particular product or service. Readers should have a clear idea of what to expect, and the copy should deliver.

Sometimes writing can be good, but off topic. When this happens, you can cut it, and move it to another page, or blog post. It may be that the offending content is good, but is unrelated to the mission of the particular page. When you stray too far from that mission, the reader can become agitated or confused.

Write Right Sell Now

Testimonials are Social Proof

You may do everything right with your copy but still leave the reader a little hesitant. They want to know that those you’ve helped before have been happy with your work. Make sure to include testimonials on your website. You can sprinkle them throughout or create a specific testimonial page.

Hire a Technology Copywriter to Help You 

Sometimes it helps to have an experienced technology copywriter with a little distance from the company create your message. A copywriter can help you establish some fresh ideas for your marketing copy, and will likely be able to help with website copy, blogging, landing pages, sales letters and far more. They’ll be able to handle the above criteria to help IT companies come up with quality marketing materials.

Good copywriting for IT companies is critical to helping them build trust and strengthen their brand. Contact me today, and I’d be happy to talk with you further about how I can help!

Matt Brennan is a Chicago-area freelance copywriter and copy editor. He is also the author of Write Right – Sell Now.