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The health and wellness industry is a thriving, multi-billion dollar consumer sector, and remains poised for growth into the future. However, any industry that large is bound to be competitive. In order to stand out, it takes a strong message that differentiates your brand and clearly articulates why potential customers should choose you.

There’s a lot of noise in this field. High-end copywriting for health and wellness companies helps them to cut through this noise and gain the visibility they will need to thrive, and take advantage of the large customer base that this industry offers.

How Do You Achieve this Differentiation?

The key to differentiating your business from the competition is understanding what makes you, you. It’s in having a strong sense of identity that goes beyond competing on price, or just hoping that people will choose you just because. Below are some questions that you can look at designed to help you differentiate your business. It’s helpful if you have some meaningful answers as you look at these.

  • What are the benefits of your product or service?
  • What were the methods you used to research your product or service?
  • What is the background of any medical advisors on your team?
  • What is your company’s origin story?
  • Was your product developed to meet a personal need?
  • What case studies or testimonials do you have for third-party validation?
  • Are there independent medical studies that support your product or service?

No one likes spending too much time talking about yourself. But the fact is, potential customers want to know who you are. They want to know that you are qualified to do what you do. It’s why about pages are so important.

These are just a few of the questions that can help you establish your differentiating factors, so that you can capitalize on them. When you take a deeper look into your history, you are bound to find some talking points that can help you to highlight your strengths in a meaningful way.

The Health and Wellness Industry is Wide-Ranging

Who’s a part of the health and wellness industry? It’s a wide-ranging sector that covers many different types of companies. Let’s look at a few:

  • Medical devices and products
  • Disease prevention
  • Exercise equipment
  • Pain clinics
  • Chiropractic
  • Naturopathic
  • Acupuncture
  • Personal care
  • Therapists
  • Traditional healthcare
  • Startups
  • Medical supplements
  • More

Copywriting for health and wellness companies may include businesses in these or other sectors.

The Many Forms of Copywriting for Health and Wellness Companies: What’s Best? 

There are several forms of professional copywriting out there. The trick is to establish a strong home base (website) and then navigate toward where your potential customers spend their time. Here are some of the main areas to focus for health and wellness copywriting:

Online Copywriting

Websites – For any company, the website should be priority number one. It’s the first place that customers will check to learn about who you are and what you offer. An inviting home page, with informative product or service pages, can give your customers some of the answers that they are looking for. They’ll also be looking to find out more about you, and that’s where an in-depth about page can truly help to differentiate you.

Write Right Sell NowBlogs – Your customers are performing research before they make a purchase. They want to understand their health conditions, and how your product or service may help. They are searching for information pertaining to the industry. When you seek to educate your audience regularly through blogs, they may come across your company in their research. Blogs widen the net you cast to be found.

Landing Pages – Sometimes your audience needs all the benefits laid out in front of them. They need the strongest, most persuasive argument to purchase. A landing page is just that. It lays out the best argument in one location.

Case Studies – Your audience will want to know if your product works for whatever purpose or condition they might be using it for. They will want to hear from people like them. Case studies and testimonials are the best way to accomplish that.

Press Releases – Let your audience know when you do something newsworthy. A press release can draw the attention of the local or national media. It can also help you stand out in the search engines.

Print Copywriting

Brochures – Sometimes the best option is to leave your audience with something tangible that they can take home with them. A professionally-written brochure allows your audience to understand what you offer.

Sales Letters – Sometimes nothing but one of the most traditional forms of copywriting will do. People look forward to getting authentic forms of snail mail, and a well written and persuasive sales letter that speaks to them may just net you some business. This has been a staple of copywriting for health and wellness companies for a long time.

Do What It Takes to Stand Out 

The global wellness economy is currently valued at $4.5 trillion, according to Global Wellness Institute. That’s excellent news for companies in this industry, but it takes work to survive in a competitive field. Professional copywriting for health and wellness companies can help you to stand out and gain visibility in this type of environment.

If you have the resources on staff to handle these types of projects, that is great. If you are looking to hire a professional copywriter, contact me today!

Matthew Brennan is a Chicago Copywriter and copy editor. He is also the author of Write Right-Sell Now and The Virus and Us.