What can a Chicago copywriter do for you?

You’re a seasoned business executive but maybe sales are down from where you’d like them. The marketing materials look engaging, but they just don’t seem to be doing their job.

The sales team is converting – but it just feels like there’s more to be had. You’re not alone. It’s totally common to feel like you could be getting more out of your marketing message. It’s time to get creative about how to use your marketing platform to attract new business. Easier said than done.

So what’s missing?

A Chicago copywriter can help you fill in the gaps and take your business to where you already knew it could be.

Return Back to Marketing Basics

Sometimes we get stuck on PPC conversions, the latest social media conversions and optimizing our email for success. While all these things are important, it may be time to rethink your message.

Are you sending perspective clients the right message? You may think that you’re explaining who your company is, and what they do. But it’s easy to create a disconnect. There’s such a thing as a knowledge gap. You know more about your given industry than your customers.

When you fail to explain your core message in a way that registers with your audience, you’re doing your audience a disservice. The style with which you talk shop to your colleagues will likely be different than how you handle a sales prospect.

You can reevaluate the core message of each of your marketing platforms. A professional Chicago copywriter can help.

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A Chicago copywriter can help you maximize leverage with your various marketing platforms.

Website – The website is the “home base” for all of your marketing efforts. It’s the place where the bulk of your online sales will take place. It helps to make sure that key messaging is in all the right places.

  • Your website’s home page is likely the first exposure to your brand for many potential customers. Do you identify the customer’s problem? Do you position yourself as the best possible solution?
  • Your website’s about page is where potential customers will likely determine if you’re qualified to help them. Do you clearly establish your company history and assure them that you’ve helped plenty of people just like them? Do you come off as personable and friendly? Whether you are a b2b or b2c enterprise, successful marketing revolves around the idea that people do business with people.
  • Your product and services pages showcase your business’s capabilities. Are they set up to showcase the benefits that you provide, or do they come off as a pile of industry mumbo-jumbo.

Landing Pages – Your landing pages are a consistent way to attract new traffic and convert in a meaningful way. When these pages attract traffic but aren’t converting, often, there’s something wrong with the message.

Businesses typically use PPC, blogging, email and other methods to drive traffic. But sometimes there is a disconnect. Before you spend too much budget on attracting the traffic, it may be time to make sure the meat of the page is in order. This is something a Chicago copywriter can help with.

  • A landing page is designed to convince your reader that you are the best viable solution to fix their problem. How are you using this space to convince your prospect that your solution will make their lives better? Are you truly stressing the benefits of your product? What have you done to convey the emotion involved?
  • You can talk about how great your company is until you’re blue in the face. It’s social proof that is going to truly matter to your customer. Do you have testimonials placed on your landing page in a strategic manner? What data are you using to convince readers on the success rate for your solution?
  • Any convincing marketing copy needs a powerful call to action. This is more than just saying “Click here to purchase.” You can use your call to action to show readers how your product truly simplifies their lives. You can conclude your copy by summarizing your strongest selling point. Once you’ve stated your case in a convincing manner (think an attorney’s closing arguments) then ask for the sale.

Again, a Chicago copywriter can help you create a landing page that will resonate with readers and convert.

chicago copywriter

Your brochures, websites, sales letters, and landing pages can all benefit from the work of a Chicago copywriter.

Brochures – Sometimes nothing beats giving your audience something they can walk away with in person. When they’ve met you, and heard you passionately represent your company, this is the opportunity to leave them with something memorable. A strong brochure accomplishes just that.

  • A brochure is something that people will hang on to for a long time to come – especially if they are considering using your services. Have you conveyed your message in a brief, but memorable way?
  • People are most likely to try to reach you in the way that they are most comfortable. Do you offer multiple ways to be reached? Email, phone number, and appropriate social media platforms should all be readily available.

Sales Letters – Sales letters offer companies a quick way to increase their customer base. Well-written letters have been known to make medium to large businesses millions of dollars. Think about it, you put together a list of likely prospects and send them a persuasive letter that methodically lays out the best case for purchasing. Companies have been taking this approach for centuries. There’s a reason: it works.

  • A sales letter positions your company as the perfect solution for your prospect’s problem. Have you written a catchy headline that draws people into the letter? Is your copy punchy and catchy in a way that keeps them engaged from one sentence to the next? Your prospect may be standing over the garbage can ready to toss your letter at any moment. The goal is to put them at ease.
  • You can go long form. People will read it. But the message has to be engaging. You’ll need to use short paragraphs, bullet lists, and subheads to break up the content. You have to build trust with your reader and use emotion to create powerful selling points. Are you using emotionally-charged language? Are you showing people how you can make their lives better?
  • Sales letters are one of the oldest forms of marketing. Examples are everywhere online. Are you looking at examples of winning sales letters, and discovering what makes a successful sales letter? The blue prints are out there.

Write Right Sell Now

How to Hire a Chicago Copywriter

When your business’s marketing process is struggling, it’s time to bring a freelance copywriter onboard. The process of working with an outside vendor is easier than you might think. You can try to find someone with experience writing in your industry. If you find someone that is great.

But don’t overlook experienced copywriters who may not yet have completed a project within your industry. Professionals are often very good at researching and learning everything they need to know about your particular industry and project and turning it around meaningful copy.

There is also the idea that a copywriter who has not worked in your industry may be able to provide a fresh outsider’s perspective that won’t be so hardened in company politics or industry jargon.

Hiring a copywriter follows the same basic format as any other outside vendor. You can search for someone who might fit your needs. Conduct Google searches. Ask business colleagues if they’ve worked with someone they’d recommend. Use LinkedIn to find an appropriate fit. All of these are likely to stir up some dependable results.

You can also vet them and ask the necessary questions to find out how they can help. Ask them about their past. Find out the depth of their experience and background. Consider whether the personality, style and work ethic will be a fit for your company or project.

In the day and age of the internet, location does not need to be the be-all end-all for your decision. While I’m a Chicago copywriter, I have local clients, as well as national and International clients.

The phone, email, Google Hangouts, Skype, and other online tools make it easy to work with companies abroad.

It’s time to Make Your Move

Your marketing won’t fix itself. Often it takes that set of fresh eyes to uncover your true potential. You can be an average company with so-so marketing materials, or you can leverage the possibilities and maximize your earning potential.

The decision is yours. If you’re ready to talk with a Chicago copywriter about your next project, contact me today!

Matt Brennan is a Chicago-area marketing copywriter and copy editor. He is also the author of Write Right-Sell Now.