If you’re looking to write your own marketing content, make sure that you consult the best copywriting books available.

You wouldn’t take a road trip without your favorite GPS technology, or at the very least, a map. You don’t eat a piece of fine steak without silverware. If you’re looking to write your own marketing content, these are the resources that can help you get where you’re going.

Notice that there are three titles that deal directly with headlines below. That small amount of marketing real estate at the top of the page is critical when it comes to writing copy. Some of the other copywriting books address online copy, direct marketing, and other key aspects of copywriting for your business.

It’s critical for organizations to craft a message that resonates with their audience and these are the books that can help. Some are older and cover the craft from a more traditional sense. Some are more modern and take an updated approach.

For those looking to write your own website content, read the 8 best copywriting books:

The Copywriter’s Handbook – This classic copywriting book by Robert Bly is a must read for anyone taking on some heavy lifting when it comes to their marketing copy. It addresses how to approach various types of projects, as well as the best strategies to write copy that resonates with the reader.

This book can give you the solid foundation to better understand what your customer is looking for, and how to address them. It’s one of the best copywriting books available for someone who is looking for a broad overview on the craft.

The Online Copywriter’s Handbook – This is an updated version of the copywriter’s handbook addressed more specifically to businesses writing for the web. Bly helps copywriters understand the nuances behind emails, website content, blogs, landing pages, and other forms of online content. The Online Copywriter’s Handbook is an excellent guide for those looking to make the most of their web presence.

How to Write Magnetic Headlines – On average 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, but only 2 of 10 proceed to the rest. As a copywriter, it’s critical to improve these odds with persuasive, emotionally-laced headlines that draw people into the rest of your message.

How to Write Magnetic Headlines is from Copyblogger Media, and provides the ins and outs that will help you write better headlines and attract more customers.

Ogilvy On Advertising – This classic from advertising legend David Ogilvy is a must-read for anyone looking to strengthen their copywriting and advertising game. This book will reaffirm the importance of solid research in your copywriting, as well as give you some key insights for direct mail or print collateral. While some of the mediums might be dated, the lessons on writing contained in Ogilvy on Advertising are timeless.

Advertising Headlines that Make You Rich – This is David Garfinkel’s take on the importance of headlines in your marketing copy. Coming from the journalism field, Garfinkel understands that it’s headlines that pull people in and keep them reading. He offers a look into some of the most successful headlines of the past, and how to turn them into a formula that will continue to work for you.

Advertising Headlines that Make You Rich is an excellent book for anyone looking to improve on the most valuable of marketing real estate.

Headline Hacks – Jon Morrow is one of today’s most successful marketing and copywriting bloggers. His book Headline Hacks is free online and can help you understand what’s behind writing headlines that your readers will love. This book will help you write headlines with an emotional appeal.

No BS Guide to Direct Marketing – Author Dan Kennedy is one of the most successful writers of traditional sales letters. You can find some excellent marketing tactics and strategies here for increasing your business. No BS Direct Marketing is definitely one of the best copywriting books on the market, even if you think your business might not benefit from this approach.

Content Inc – This book is from the founder of Content Marketing Institute Joe Pulizzi and offers a practical approach to building an audience. While it’s not a technical “how-to” book, it reinforces the value of strong content and is still a must-read for anyone pursuing the DIY path.

The book breaks down the startup process into six steps, for a simple approach on how to use content to monetize your business. Content Inc offers readers the alternative of doing the audience-building work first, and creating a product second.

Write Right Sell Now

Conclusion – While there is no shortage of great copywriting books on the market, these are a few of my favorites. If you’re looking to write website or blog content for your business, you may also want to read a copy of my book Write Right Sell Now. I include several tips and tricks for how to write the kind of web content and blog that will engage your audience.

Writing your own marketing content is very doable. The titles above are some of the best copywriting books on the market, and they are invaluable tools for creating your marketing content. Of course, if you get stuck along the way, feel free to contact a freelance copywriter to help!

Matt Brennan is a Chicago-area freelance copywriter and copy editor. He is also the author of Write Right – Sell Now.