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What new strategies are you looking at to attract more business in 2020? This is the time of year when you’ll see a lot of predictions about technology, social media, and the direction that the Internet is headed. This is when we’ll see more about how to implement the latest and greatest products and strategies to improve your business.

The problem is that you end up doing a lot of everything and you burn yourself out before you even find much new business. I know this because I’ve been through it. I’ve now been a professional copywriter for more than 10 years, so I’m getting used to the annual cycles.

Instead of falling into the above trap, I’m going to double down on more of what works to attract more business in 2020.

Write Right Sell Now

Below are some rough thoughts on how to attract more business in 2020:



  • Stay in regular contact with former clients – I’ll admit it, I’ve been bad about this one in the past. When a client falls off the radar, I tend to just let it go. I figure they dropped off because they became busy or encumbered with other priorities. In 2018, I began reaching out to such clients. In one day with roughly 10+ casual emails just seeing if clients needed anything, I ended up with more than $2,500 worth of new work. It’s a practice I look to continue in 2020. So, if you’re one of my former clients, look for more contact from me!
  • Prioritize LinkedIn – I’ve revamped my LinkedIn profile recently, but I think it should be more of an annual thing. I also think that experimenting with headlines, and profile language to find what’s most successful will also help. I have regularly posted inspirational quotes that I like on LinkedIn, but there is more that I can do with this strategy in general. I’m also considering breaking down and committing to a LinkedIn premium subscription. This will help with the ability to reach out and expand my network, as well as responding to Profinder jobs as they are posted.
  • Develop a list of who I want to do business with – I’ve done this in the past and had a fair amount of success. It’s time to act again. The process is simple, really. It’s just finding a set list of businesses that would make ideal clients, and reaching out to them. It’s a great way of not limiting myself solely to incoming leads.
  • Put more content into the world – There are long stretches of time when I feel like the cobbler with holes in his shoes. I preach the importance of regular blogging and content production for businesses. It really does establish them as an expert in their field. At the same time, I haven’t blogged as regularly as I could here. I will work at a more regular content schedule and getting in front of new business that way. It’s time to be prolific with my writing.
  • A Content Audit – Again, it’s the cobbler with holes in his shoes, thing. I will do what I can to audit the content that is published on my website. I will look for places and ways to improve the content, and add to it where I see gaps.
  • A new way to network – I will work on creating more authentic networking opportunities. I want to look for mutually beneficial networking opportunities, that can help both parties. I want to do more face-to-face interactions where it is truly beneficial. I don’t need to join any groups, or simply pass business cards to do this. It’s about a genuine relationship, not a quick way to guilt someone into doing business with you.

Rethinking Your Approach to Business

Notice how none of this includes jumping on to every social media platform that I’m not currently on. It doesn’t include every new technology, or forced interaction either. Again, there are plenty of posts out there, especially at the start of a new year, for the latest trends. I’m looking for a return to authenticity. I believe there are ways to improve my network and build an even stronger business.

What about you? What new strategies are you looking at to attract new business in 2020? Will a professional copywriter help you achieve your goals?


Matt Brennan is a Chicago Marketing Copywriter and copy editor. He has more than 20 years of experience as a professional writer. His work has been published in ProBlogger, Addicted2Success, and Business 2 Community. He is also the author of Write Right – Sell Now and The Virus and Us.