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Sometimes blog ideas take a little work. Here are a few suggestions for finding them when the going gets rough.


  1. Keep a notebook of ideas (or the digital equivalent). When something strikes you, write it down.
  2. Consider your conversations with customers. What questions do you answer a lot?
  3. Read a lot. Every day. Both inside and outside of your industry. Consider reading a book a week.
  4. Evaluate your artwork first. What stories can you tell if you explain your photos or graphics?
  5. Network. What do your colleagues in the profession have to say?
  6. Separate yourself from your work with small, regular breaks. You’ll be surprised how taking out the garbage might help.
  7. Check out LinkedIn Questions, Yahoo Answers, or other answer forums. Write a blog answering a question, and post a link.
  8. Interview an industry expert. Or interview a client. Both may have stories to tell that could benefit your readers.
  9. What standard advice in your industry is B.S. and why?
  10. Review one of the many books you’ve read.
  11. Scour blog comments. There may be ideas in there.
  12. Use Google’s blog search to find more blogs. Read as many as you can.
  13. Respond to others’ blogs with posts of your own. Try and add something to the conversation.
  14. Experience. What’s happened to you recently that your readers should know about?
  15. List the important resources or people for your niche.
  16. Look at your most popular keyword phrases in analytics. Can you do a related post?
  17. Do a product review. Write about the newest products in your industry.


Matt Brennan is a Chicago-area marketing writer and copy editor. He is also the author of Write Right-Sell Now.