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Don’t get stuck writing the same types of blog posts over and over.

One common complaint among business bloggers is a lack of ideas for posts. This can lead to recycling the same idea in the same fashion over and over. Your audience needs a variety to stay invested in your material. As a writer, you’ll need to find ways to stay creative. The art of storytelling is always important.

But that’s not all. Blogging requires stepping outside your comfort zone. It requires exploring methods for telling your story that you might not have envisioned yourself utilizing. Your audience will notice, and they will appreciate your efforts.

Below are 13 types of blog posts to give your blog a variety:

Good Story – Nothing beats a good story. If you have a compelling story about a client, product, or your business, by all means share it. Your customers want to be entertained. They want to learn something. This is a great way to get them from start to finish.

How to – Your customers also crave information. How to install your product. How to get optimum use from your product. They want to know how to do the things that you know how to do as an industry professional. If this seems counter-intuitive to you, the minute that they are too busy, or in over their head, you will become the resource to complete the job.

Interview – Are there people in your industry that your audience should hear from? Are there people who have made a name for themselves, or have a message your audience is sure to appreciate? An interview post might be a great opportunity to share their message with your audience.

News – This kind of post is great if there is something going on in your industry that your audience should know about. Make sure they know what kind of impact this industry can have on their lives.

Resources – Where do you get your news? What industry news, blogs or informational sites are out there that your audience will appreciate? Go ahead and tell them. You don’t need to showcase your competitors, but give them the information they are looking for and they’ll remember you.

Reviews – Your audience wants to know the best possible product or service they can buy. As a professional, your recommendation will hold weight. It’s a great way to build quality content on your website.

Controversial Topic – Weighing in on a controversial topic can be a great way to boost your blog readership. Make sure that you approach anything controversial with logic and fact, versus emotion. Make sure your stance is reasoned, and well thought out, especially if it is a controversial stance.

Infographics – The Internet is becoming an increasingly visual space. Can you convey a thought or tell a story in a visual way? Sometimes large blocks of text may not be the best way to convey your idea. An infographic may be a great way to supplement your post, or work as a stand-alone post.

Guest Posts – This can be a great way to introduce your audience to another industry voice. If you go this route, make sure the post you publish provides value to your audience.

Series – Do you have a topic or idea that would be extremely difficult to write about in one post? Are there several facets or components to the subject? There’s no law saying you have to cover it in one comprehensive swoop. Maybe a 3-4 part series could help break the issue down in a more inclusive manner.

Profile – Who are the industry figures that your audience should know about? Has someone changed the game or done something profound? Do you have an employee who has done something exceptional? People love to read about people. Featuring a person of significance on your blog can help you achieve some visibility.

List – List posts are an easy way to convey information. They give the reader a perfect idea of what they are in for. Readers gravitate to the information in a list post.

Comparison – Creativity depends on connecting two previously unconnected ideas. A post comparing something within your industry to something totally unrelated can help raise eyebrows. It brings a new idea to your market and will give you a unique post you can be sure your competitors won’t have.

For more ideas on how to use your blog to differentiate your business and sell more, talk with a blog writer.

Matt Brennan is a Chicago-based marketing writer and copy editor.