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Your face-to-face sales are invaluable, but paying attention to a few basic copywriting tips can take your marketing to the next level. Great copywriting helps you sell when you’re away from the office. It automates your marketing.

It can also serve to help your sales by creating valuable resources for your customers to refer to before they buy. Great copywriting becomes a means for adding value to your audience’s life. These B2B copywriting tips can also help if you’re selling to other businesses.

Follow These Copywriting Tips to Grow Your Business

  1. Understand Your Audience – If you want to write copy that sells more product, it stands to reason that you’ll need to understand the people who are buying it. What problem are you solving for your customer? The better you understand your audience, the more likely you can position yourself as the solution to their problem.
  2. Find Your Unique Selling Proposition – What do you do differently than your competition? What unique angle do you bring to the business. In a competitive environment, the customer is going to want to know why they should hire you, and for good reason. Your unique selling proposition serves as your competitive advantage. It always helps to know this and exploit it.
  3. Perfect Your Headline – After investing hours into a specific piece of content, it is easy to make your headline an afterthought. But think about this – your headline is the single biggest factor in whether someone will read what you just wrote. This makes it extremely important. So use it to draw people in, and generate interest in the rest of your message.
  4. Keep Your Copy Clean – While you may not always care about the rules of grammar and spelling, your audience might. Repeated writing errors can erode trust in your copy, and cost you customers. It can pay to have an extra set of eyes review your material. Do you need to hire a copyeditor?
  5. Inject Your Personality – Think about the last few purchases you’ve made online. If you are selecting a new product or service, it really helps to like the person or business. When we inject our personality into our writing, it helps the reader identify with you. Learn how to write how you talk. Good copywriting can be informal, but professional. Go ahead an mention hobbies, passions and interests on your about page, or your social media. You never know when your next customer might use it for an ice breaker.
  6. Know Your Objective – Every piece of marketing writing should have a theme, or a point. Every sentence should work toward making your central argument. This gives your writing a direct and focused feel.
  7. Understand Digital Marketing – Knowing how to tailor your message for a specific platform can be extremely helpful. A firm understanding of the latest marketing trends can give you an idea of where your customers might be online, and how to best reach them.
  8. Invoke Emotion – Regurgitating facts onto the page with no apparent strategy is not going to help you sell more. Your copywriting needs to invoke emotion. This is how you get the person at the other end of the computer to pull out their wallet and buy your product. They’re interested in your industry and that’s why they’re reading. A good story that makes them happy, sad, excited, afraid or surprised can persuade. People buy based on emotion. This is one of the most important copywriting tips for any business to follow.
  9. Keep Tweaking – Your website content, brochures and other evergreen content (long shelf life) doesn’t ever have to be a finished product. If you are not seeing the results you are looking for, tweak it. Change a sentence or two, and leave it up for a few weeks. Test it to see what does better. Then move on to the next piece.
  10. Write to Convert – Work hard on your calls to action. Your audience won’t know what action you want them to take, unless you tell them. You can do everything right from the headline down to the bottom of your piece, but if you aren’t communicating that next step, chances are a good portion of your audience is dropping off.
  11. Follow Trends – What is happening in your industry right now? What do your customers need to know about? A good copywriter can bring this industry news to light in an engaging manner, that positions you as an expert. They also know the best ways to position the content through blogging, social media and other emerging trends.

Make sure that you are investing the time and effort into creating better marketing materials by following these copywriting tips. Producing content that resonates with your audience will help your business take off.

If improving your copywriting skills has been difficult, you can always hire it out to a marketing copywriter or copy editor.