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The idea of publishing your own content on your business blog can be overwhelming, especially if you have never done it before.

Your business’s marketing and advertising no longer depend solely on platforms that are out of your control. You can, and should be utilizing your website, social media channels and your own networks to leverage your business and compete in your industry.

That, of course means publishing your own content. It can be overwhelming to someone who cringes when they think of their high school English class. Running a business requires a variety of skill sets, and not everyone is good at all of them. I know this, because accounting makes me cringe. Hiring a copywriter or copy editor can help immensely. But it’s something that can also be done yourself.

Below is a list of questions you can ask yourself before you publish your own online content. The temptation is to rush through the publishing process, but it pays to make sure that you are deliberate about your content, and publishing the best material possible.

These questions are designed to ensure that you are writing to sell and developing your strongest content.

Before You Publish Your Content…

         Have you:

  1. Thought about who your audience is for this piece, and what their level of knowledge about the subject matter is?
  2. Defined industry terminology to the level that your readers/customers will understand?
  3. Written a headline that will engage the reader?
  4. Used Keyword Planner to determine the best keyword phrases?
  5. Read your content out loud?
  6. Included a call to action so that your reader will know what you want them to do?
  7. Run spellcheck?
  8. Determined that you used the right version of it’s/its, their/they’re/there, your/you’re or any other word with multiple spellings?
  9. Asked someone else to read your work for input?
  10. Found a good photo to accompany it?

Doing all of these things in your blog posts can help you write to sell. What has worked for your business? Let me know in the comments.