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copywriter for naturopaths

Hire a Professional Copywriter for Naturopaths

Take Your Naturopath Practice to the Next Level

Medical patients have access to more information about their conditions than ever before. They are able to become more educated health and wellness consumers, and that includes the types of medical care that they seek.

With that research comes the discovery that they can receive a more natural alternative to traditional western medicine. A professional copywriter for naturopaths can help your practice to take advantage of these trends and gain visibility through your marketing message.

My name is Matt Brennan, and I am a copywriter for naturopaths. I have over 20 years of professional writing experience, and I understand what it takes to create marketing materials that give your practice a competitive edge. I also work with healthcare and health and wellness clients.

As a rheumatoid arthritis patient myself, and a certified health coach, I understand the important role that naturopaths play in the health and wellness industry.

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Website Content and Blog Writing for Naturopaths

Your prospective patients may only spend a few seconds on your website before they make a decision about your practice. A professional and friendly message is critical when it comes to persuading these website visitors to book new appointments.

Website Content – It’s important to have website content that explains your services clearly and concisely. It needs to give off a personable feel, that helps you to build trust. When you can convey this information in a professional yet warm manner, your readers are more likely to take action.

Blogging – Website visitors are doing a considerable amount of research before they book an appointment. That research may start with information about how to treat their condition naturally, or what supplements or diets may be right for them. The more you can educate readers through professionally written blog content, the better. When your blog has an authoritative feel, you’re building trust.

copywriter for naturopaths

Other Marketing Options 

Your marketing options go beyond your website and blog. In today’s age, there are many ways to reach your audience, and to attract new patients. A copywriter for naturopaths can help you determine which strategies may be best for your practice. Below are a few more options:

Landing Pages – Landing pages are an excellent way to generate interest in becoming a patient at your practice. With a persuasive argument and some form of sales incentive, you can see your practice grow.

Press Release – Is your naturopath practice new, or have you done something newsworthy? Press releases may be what you need to get the word out and attract the attention that you’re looking for.

Sales Letters – Sometimes the mail is the best way to notify people about your practice. Sales letters lay out persuasive arguments for booking an appointment. It also helps to have some form of offer for your customers ready.

On a Personal Note…

It helps to have a copywriter who understands what the health and wellness and alternative medicine industries are about. In addition to my copywriting experience, I am a certified health and wellness coach.

I also understand what it is like to be a consumer in this industry, looking for care and advice.

In May of 2018, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I am implementing natural forms of care with many diet and lifestyle changes.

I know what it takes as a consumer to find quality healthcare that you can trust. As a copywriter for naturopaths, I can help you to form a message that resonates with potential patients.  


copywriter for naturopaths

copywriter for naturopathsHire a Professional Copywriter for Naturopaths

 Every day, people are suffering through complex health conditions, unaware of some of the basic remedies that may be able to help them. Often times the western medicine solutions may be impractical, or come at some sort of cost for the patient.

When you increase your marketing, you can help these patients find the information and the care that they need to approach their health conditions in a holistic manner. Hire a professional copywriter for naturopaths today, to help you reach more patients and grow your business!

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Hire a Professional Copywriter for Naturopaths

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