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Find out how a professional SaaS copywriter can improve your company…

Developing an important piece of software is a significant accomplishment, but without a strong marketing message, you’re only halfway there. No matter what niche you’ve selected to work in, chances are you have some competitors, many of which are larger with higher marketing budgets.

That’s the reality of business. But with some proper adjustments, and the ability to work smarter, you can improve your success rate. A SaaS copywriter can help you find your loyal band of customers. He or she can help you make your brand more visible, and your bottom line more profitable.

What Hiring a Professional SaaS Copywriter Can Accomplish 

Establish the Right Message for Your Target Audience – You (hopefully) know who your target audience is. They’re the ones afflicted with the problem you set out to solve. The right copywriter can help you establish the right message for them. A one-size-fits-all approach often leads to satisfying no one.

For example, software that targets truckers is going to have a different feel than software targeting single mothers. If you use the same voice and the same approach to both audiences, you’ll miss the target. A SaaS copywriter can help you talk with truckers (or single mothers) in a style and manner well-suited to them. They understand how to filter out the technical jargon, and write in a way that will appeal to the end user.

Develop Your Content Marketing Plan – Once you understand who your target audience is, and how you plan to reach them, a good SaaS copywriter can help you establish exactly how you can reach them. This means finding and understanding exactly where your audience resides online.

It’s critical to have a sound strategy when it comes to reaching your ideal customer at the right moment of their decision-making process. An experienced technology copywriter can help you establish the right balance when it comes to:

You’ll also receive recommendations on website content, and other core marketing materials.

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Build Incredible Lead Magnets – Digital companies build value in their customers’ lives. It’s that simple. What are you doing to enrich the lives of the people you seek to help? When you have a powerful, attractive lead magnet, you are giving your potential customer more reason to do business with you.

Lead magnets allow you to:

  • Build trust and establish credibility
  • Help you to capture and convert more leads into business
  • Earn more inbound links into your content
  • Collaborate with other influencers within your industry

A professional SaaS copywriter can help you determine the right lead magnet ideas, and write the necessary engaging, informative, and persuasive content it takes to succeed.

Establish Your SEO Presence – When it comes to creating a marketing campaign for your software, a visible presence on the all-powerful Google is paramount. An experienced SaaS copywriter can help you develop a powerful search presence. He will understand what it takes to gain an SEO presence.

This can be done by creating powerful, engaging content on a regular basis that is attractive to the search engines and to your customers. The search engines are a gateway to visibility, but it’s your readers who will ultimately decide whether or not they want to subscribe.

Develop a Plan for Repurposing Your Most Useful Content – Successful content doesn’t have to fade into the background. Here’s what I mean:

When you have a meaningful blog post, you’ll publish again and again. Eventually, that successful post is buried in your feed and becomes significantly harder for your readers to find. But that doesn’t mean it’s doomed to anonymity. There are ways to keep that content in front of your audience.

For example, you could compile an ebook with your most successful blog posts, giving it a state of permanence. Or, you can keep linking to it from your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profiles. This ensures a direct method for your social media audience to find this material. You can include important blog links within your emails, or even use that material for YouTube videos or podcasts.

When you hit on an important message, that content doesn’t have to fade away. Keep it alive in as many ways possible that make sense for you and your business. 

Turn Visitors into Users – A SaaS copywriter can help you turn visitors into conversions. It’s one thing for someone to find your website. It’s another thing entirely for them to take action. That requires a persuasive, convincing message. It requires a laser-like precision with your message, and the ability to keep people reading from one sentence to the next.

When you hire a copywriter, you get someone on your team who knows how to take advantage of these marketing opportunities. They can lay all of your product features out in an emotionally powerful way that convinces your reader to take action. 

Write Engaging Blog Posts – It’s important for any business to establish trust and credibility with their audience. It’s important for potential customers to understand that you are a leader in your industry with powerful expertise and ideas. A copywriter can help you to communicate those ideas in a way that will engage with your readers.

They can help inform readers on the importance of your product and industry by writing powerful posts. Blogging creates more opportunities for your ideal customer to find you. It establishes you as an expert, and it gives readers an exciting opportunity to take action. When you find the right copywriter, they can help you gain an incredible level of visibility through your blog.

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Manage Editorial – From blogs to white papers to email campaigns, a content marketing campaign means juggling multiple copy projects at once. A SaaS copywriter can help you manage the editorial process. They can keep copy moving in the right direction, without letting key messages slip through the cracks.

They understand the importance of keeping an editorial calendar, and how to use it to maximize messaging opportunity. A SaaS copywriter is also a project manager. 

Make Website and Marketing Recommendations – Your website is at the heart of any marketing campaign. When you find the right copywriter, they can write website content, and make any necessary recommendations to maximize its impact. They can help you develop a web presence that represents your business in the strongest possible light. They also understand how to maximize the inherent connection between powerful web copy and branding.


The days when a quality product was enough to lift your business into the limelight are gone. It’s no longer enough. You need a compelling message and a well thought out plan to bring your product to the attention of your target audience. A professional SaaS copywriter can help get you there.

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss your project, contact me today!

Matthew Brennan is a Chicago copywriter and copy editor. He is also the author of Write Right-Sell Now.