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So you have a beautiful website. It’s a great tool to attract new business, but only if people can find it. You have to put your great product out there.
No matter your business, chances are, the web is clogged with potential competitors. You need to start finding ways to stand out. This means search engine optimization, and trying to establish as many links back to your website as possible.
The spreading of back links is a large reason why social media became such a marketing craze. It’s not only building relationships (which is still the most important part), but the links back to your website are also invaluable. Have you written a blog? Do you have a new product, or offer? Links back to your website for these things help.
You’ll also want to list your website in as many directories as you can find. There are plenty of great websites out there that can help you find great directories to list your website in. There’s no real reason to pay for directory listings, however. The main purpose is usually to establish the SEO help, and not always adding website traffic. You can almost always find ways to get that for free.
Link In Your Blog
When you blog about your business, that’s also another great place to include links back to your website. You can link to pages on your website, other blogs that you’ve written, and other great sources that you want people to find. When you link to your own material in your blog, however, it’s still best to keep an educational tone, and not make a sales pitch.
When you link, you’ll also want to consider the text that you’re linking. If you can find a way to use keywords in the text, that will give your website a boost. It’s also more explanatory than “click here.”
It’s also a good idea to make sure your content is shareable. I preferred this button on my website because the buttons were not too intrusive. Yet they were obvious enough that the desired action is obvious. Sharing is the social networking version of links. While you won’t get a bump in Google simply for putting buttons on your site (like you would a link), it makes it easier to spread your content through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
Matt Brennan is a Chicago-area marketing writer and copy editor. He is also the author of Write Right-Sell Now.