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Hiring A Copy Editor Instills Trust In Your Business

Hiring a good copy editor can be the difference between making a sale or losing it.

You may be the ultimate expert in your field. You may have the insight, experience and credibility to command attention from your readers. You might even communicate that knowledge in an interesting and respectable way.

Then, by the time your marketing materials arrive at the call to action, there is a typo, misspelling or other grammatical error. It might not matter much to you, but for the reader it can have a tremendous impact. There is a financial impact to bad grammar. These kinds of mistakes quickly erode trust in a business.

At the same time, businesses need to blog more. Consumers are continuously on the lookout for businesses that can differentiate themselves from the competition through better content. It is important not to let the pressure to produce lead to more errors.

Businesses need to utilize their blog as a channel for telling their story. If writing is not something that comes naturally, businesses might need a second set of eyes to review their writing before publication. Even if writing does come naturally, having someone to look over blogs, emails and other marketing before it is published can keep a business looking professional.

It is a good idea to utilize the services of a copy editor before publishing any marketing writing to avoid mistakes.

Hiring a copy editor can help you to ensure that you are using the correct “You’re” or “It’s.” They can help to make sure that everything is spelled correctly (spellcheck doesn’t catch it all). They can also help make sure that your idea is successfully executed, offering suggestions and input from a concept perspective.

When you are too close to the product or the story, this can help provide an outside perspective. It can help businesses to understand how a customer might view their marketing materials.

Writing for the web can require a significant a steady effort and a significant attention to detail. Many businesses outsource their accounting. It is probably a good idea to outsource other aspects of their marketing that they would not consider to be in their wheelhouse.

Hiring a copy editor makes good business sense. It means keeping your business looking professional, and not letting mistakes impact your bottom line. When readers see grammar mistakes it provides a window for them to question the rest of your industry knowledge.

If you find writing for the web overwhelming, or are seeking the services of a copy editor, let’s have a conversation. 

Matt Brennan is a Chicago-based marketing writer and copy editor