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As more consumers see positive effects from using CBD-infused products, the excitement over this emerging industry is continuing to grow. CBD-infused tinctures, edibles, and skin care products provide health and wellness options for people, and a powerful alternative for people that live in a state where medicinal marijuana products are not currently legal.

If you’re looking to sell these products then understanding how to market them and write about their benefits in a way that consumers will understand is key to your success. This is where hiring a copywriter for CBD products can help you to make the most out of this emerging market. My name is Matt Brennan, and I am a copywriter for CBD products. Let’s talk further about how to market your CBD business!

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Educating the Public About CBD and the Effects of CBD

Many Americans had never heard of CBD and then all of a sudden CBD-infused products began to emerge all over. New products are being developed, with significant health and wellness or skin care claims attached to them. The general public may also confuse the effects of medicinal marijuana with CBD as well.

This is why educating the public is important. You’ll want to tell consumers what your product can do without making any bold claims that violate regulations, or come across as too salesy. Instead, what you can do is answer your customers’ most common questions about the product and be there for them as they’re looking to explore a new health and wellness journey.

Copywriter for CBD


What Tools Are Important for Marketing Your CBD Products?

Website – When a customer lands on your CBD website, the number one question they’ll likely have is whether your product can help them. If your website pages clearly explain your product line in an educational manner, it can help to engage the customer and move them further along in the sales process. An experienced website copywriter can help you in this process.

Blog – A blog is an excellent place to write about issues within the CBD industry and become a thought leader. It’s a place where you can continue to educate your customers about the benefits of the product and show them how CBD can help. A successful CBD blog is an opportunity for your brand to display a powerful first impression. But in order to do that, your customers have to see it and know, like, and trust your business. When you focus on educating and informing over selling, this is possible. An experienced blog copywriter can help.

Email – Building an email list and remaining in regular contact with your prospects and customers can help you continue to grow your business. Email is another great way to keep your audience updated on changes within your industry and within your business. When it comes to an email strategy, a mix of education and sales can work. An email copywriter can help you determine the right copy and strategy for you. 

Landing Pages – If you have products in a variety of segments such as tinctures, edibles or topicals, landing pages can help you gain added visibility for your products. They offer ways to further educate your customers while continuing to improve your search rankings.

Product Descriptions – Product descriptions offer you a chance to describe the features and benefits of your products and go deeper into any health information that can benefit the customer. It’s a chance to communicate with the customer about what they can expect from using or taking your CBD products.

Brochures or Print Materials – If your customer enters a physical store to purchase your CBD products leaving them with a brochure, info sheet, or leave behind is an excellent way to educate them on your products. Branded brochures that talk about the benefits of your various products and explain why CBD might be a good option for them can help you to grow your business.

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The Growing CBD Industry

Customers are beginning to understand that CBD is non-intoxicating and a powerful and offers therapeutic value. In fact, the market is expected to rise 27.8 percent by 2029, according to Bloomberg. Much of this is due to increased demand within the health and wellness industry, and growing markets worldwide.

Make sure that you consider all appropriate vertical markets as you look to get the word out about your CBD brands.

  • CBD products for pets
  • CBD products for skincare
  • CBD products for athletes
  • CBD products health and wellness

Marketing in the appropriate segments can help you increase brand awareness. An experienced healthcare or health and wellness copywriter can help you market your product in the right segments.

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Hiring A Copywriter for CBD Products Can Help

Marketing your CBD business should remain a top priority as you look to take advantage of this emerging market space. A CBD copywriter can help you to find your customer base as you concentrate on developing the best product possible. Hiring the right copywriter can help you build brand awareness, educate your customers on the benefits of this new and emerging option, and grow your business.

Professional copywriterHire a Professional Copywriter for CBD Products

Every day new customers are looking to discover the benefits of CBD products for a variety of health and wellness reasons. Your products may help them in new and exciting ways.

A copywriter for CBD products can help you to market your business and get in front of the right audiences!

Hire a Professional Copywriter for CBD Products

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