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Design draws people in, but good writing is required to produce content that converts. Your customers don’t hover around the computer all day reading 8 hours worth of advertising materials. They want to be smarter. They want to make informed decisions. They want to be the DIYers.

Remember, traffic won’t pay the bills.

Here are some suggestions for writing content that converts:

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say – Have you ever received an email that didn’t get to the point until the third paragraph? It leaves you wondering why it was sent at all, through the majority of the reading. Make sure that your emails, blogs, website content and anything else people might read about your business gets straight to the point.

Make sure through the headline and a summary sentence that people understand exactly how they will benefit by investing their time in your marketing materials. When you leave people guessing, they likely won’t get much further.

Understanding Demand – I’m not talking about demand for your product, but that’s important too. What I’m talking about is the information your customers are demanding. What do they want to know? What kind of questions are they asking? If you can put the type of information they are looking for in front of them, you’ll have a built in audience of invested readers.

Think about the type of questions they regularly ask about your industry. Think about the conversations you’ve had with your customers. Picture them when you write. They’re who reads your work. If you don’t know what kind of information they are looking for, ask. 

Don’t Assume Your Readers Know What You Want Them To Do – Your intended action for them may not be as clear as you think it is. This is why an express call to action for just about anything you write is important. It doesn’t have to be “LOOK AT MEEEE!!! BUY MY PRODUCT!!!” and in most cases it probably shouldn’t.

But here’s what it can be: Provide your answers in the comments below; Questions? Contact us; Would you like a copy of my eBook delivered to your inbox? Sign up with your email….or whatever you have for them. It really can be anything.

Clear and Concise Copy –In the best-case scenario, muddled copy slows readers down and detracts from your message. In the worse case scenario, they might leave for the next search result. Take the time to make sure your copy is typo-free. Run spell check. Read it out loud. Do some self-editing before you publish. Remember that anything you write may be the first impression someone has of your business.

Write Conversationally – I know your marketing copy seems like the perfect opportunity to prove to the world how smart you are. Trust me, we’re all aware and there is no need to show off. If you cram your content with $10 words to show how smart you are, it creates more stopping points for your readers. There’s no need to make it sound like a dissertation – especially in the likely scenario that your audience doesn’t know as much about your industry as you do. Also, don’t be afraid to use contractions. While your English teacher may disagree, avoiding them just makes you sound stuffy.

What other methods have you come across for writing content that converts? Let me know in the comment section below.

Matt Brennan is a marketing writer helping small businesses improve their digital communications.