As I write this post I am listening to a classical musician by the name of David Garrett. He’s not a classical musician in the way that Mozart, Beethoven and Bach were. He plays a classical instrument (violin), but at least on one album, he draws his inspiration from somewhere else.

Garrett covered various rock songs on his violin, such as November Rain, Smells Like Teen Spirit, and Master of Puppets. On his album “Rock Symphonies,” he takes widely popular songs and interprets them in a different way, putting an original stamp on them.

Read (and borrow) From Your Competition

But make it your own. I’ve written a lot about the fact that you need to read a lot to improve your writing. You need to read the materials that your competition is putting out there. What are the tips and tricks that experts in your industry are paying attention to?

Instead of recycling these ideas, it’s time to put your own spin on them. Why not turn a rock song into classical music?

It helps to be reading outside of your industry as well. What else interests you?  This is how you find new ways to express ideas within your industry.

Here’s a recurring pattern:

The top notch blogs in your industry write about “The Four Things You Need To Be Doing Right Now.” Pretty soon a second tier blogger in your industry sees it, and they repackage the blog to look a little different, but offer nothing new.

The second tier blogger is keeping up on industry news, which is a good thing. But readers can those tips and tricks from the first tier blogger. This is where original content wins out. Either find new tips and tricks, or find different ways to talk about them.

Recycling the same material from a different blog won’t keep people coming back.

Be The One To Break The Cycle

Finding four dudes in a random bar on a Friday night covering Guns N’ Roses, Metallica or Nirvana is not hard to do. Finding a violinist that does it on a regular basis, now that’s something special. He’s not quite a classical musician the way we think of it, but he’s not quite rock either. He’s a guy with a violin doing his own thing. And this will win the favor of two different crowds.

Provide a twist. Provide your own take. Don’t just repackage and publish. Tell us what you really think about these tips. Tell us what you think about the tips permeating the Internet.

Draw From Your Own Experience

How have the industry tips (the standard rock song) impacted you and your business? Maybe you only agree with three out of the four that are typically offered. It’s probably time to write a blog post about why ________ industry tip is over rated.

That’s a post that would probably attract more eyeballs than a recycled post about the four industry tips.

And you’ve contributed more to the conversation.

Successful Writers Are Authentic

They’re original, and consistently express new thoughts and ideas that push their industry forward. They’re not afraid to tell us the stories that have an impact on who they are and what they are here to do.

It’s no longer enough to put out boring and canned content. Chances are that’s what a large part of your competition is doing.

Instead try playing violin in a guitar driven world.


Matt Brennan is a Chicago-area marketing writer and copy editor. He is also the author of Write Right-Sell Now.

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