If you’re looking to increase your blog exposure and possibly create a new revenue stream, one way to do so would be through offering your blog via subscriptions on Amazon.com.

In fact, the blog at MatthewLBrennan.com is now available this way. It’s a great way to increase exposure by placing your work in front of a new audience. As you set your blog up on their site, they offer a keyword section that will help to make your posts more visible.

While the author is compensated, don’t expect to get rich quick. The pricing is $.99 or $1.99 for a subscription, and the author makes 30 percent of that amount. So unless you’re bringing in thousands of subscriptions at a time, the revenues will be minimal.

What’s the advantage to subscribers? 

Readers understandably want to know why they should pay for something they’d otherwise be able to find for free online.

Well, it’s mobility, and convenience. A Kindle blog subscriber can bring these blogs with them on the go, and read them without wifi. Having your favorite blogs sent to your Kindle can make an excellent Google Reader replacement.

Readers will be able to better take in your blog away from the buzz and distractions that come with the Internet and email.

Making The Change

In all honesty, I only recently made the change to Amazon myself. I didn’t set any monetary goals. If anything, like I said above, it should land me in front of a new audience. Some nice reviews from readers should also have a positive SEO impact. I won’t lose anything by taking the chance.

It’s another opportunity for exposure, which is what digital marketing is all about.

Have you published your blog to Amazon in the past? What are your thoughts on the experience? Has it worked for you?

Matt Brennan is a Chicago-based marketing writer and copy editor

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