Take Some Marketing Tips From St. Nick To Jump Start Your Business Year Round


For many small businesses, December can slow down as the big retailers pick up the bulk of the retail market. This small business expert I saw on a morning news show conveyed the idea that businesses need to take a few lessons from the best marketer in history.

As a father to be, I’m sure that the true powers of this marketer will begin to make his presence known in my life, in a whole new way. It’s not Seth Godin, Chris Brogan, or even a copywriting great like David Ogilvy or Bob Bly. No. It’s time we come to terms with the fact that the best marketer in history wears a red suit and rides a sleigh driven by reindeer.

Instead of counting December as a slow month for business, it’s time to take some marketing tips from the North Pole:

  • Ask Your Customers What They Want – What’s the first thing that Santa says when a kid climbs up in to his lap? It’s a question. “What would you like for Christmas, little boy (or little girl)?” That’s right, Santa doesn’t guess. He finds out what you want, and delivers. If you ask your customers exactly what they’re looking for, they’ll tell you.
  • Be Generous – Santa knows that the true joy is in giving. If you give your customers a gift card, or small sample of your product or service, it creates interest and keeps your customers coming back. It’s an incentive for them to stay with you in the future.
  • Write An Interesting Backstory – Santa and his elves are busy in the toy factory, preparing for the big day. Then he goes around the whole world delivering presents on a sleigh driven by reindeer. I have to say, that’s a story designed to keep people interested. What’s your business’s backstory? How do you do business differently than your competition? Sharing what is unique and different will endear your readers to your cause. Ultimately a backstory builds an emotional connection between a business and a customer. Telling yours in a compelling manner will give you an added advantage. It’s even OK to get a little creative.
  • Provide a Friendly Face – Children are obsessed with Santa Claus. Why? Because he gives them what they want, but also because he’s friendly. Make sure your business has a friendly face to it. Go the extra mile to build relationships, and convey the message that your customers will want to hear.

Matt Brennan is a Chicago-area marketing writer and copy editor. He is also the author of Write Right-Sell Now.

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